I live weekly sometimes daily with migraines and throbbing headaches over my right eye.. I have difficulty with retrieving words to complete my sentences. I am dizzy (vertigo) almost all the time. I live with overwhelming nausea and take antiemetics every single day. I have difficulty with walking & other motions. I make decisions almost without thinking about the consequences. I get confused easily. There’s a name for all this and more… an creature inside my head called an Arachnoidcyst or Arachnoid cyst.
Sure it sounds like something we’ve seen in a movie 🍿 once (or not at all if you have a phobia to spiders like my daughter). Whether you realize it or not (because a Doctor has dismissed it) it too may be living inside your head.
It all started with symptoms of tremors worsening (not related) and temporary paralysis on my left side of my body (again Doctor “says” it’s not related) hmmm…
My primary Neurologist (who knew the brain was so complicated that there are multiple Doctors to treat & observe it) just kidding…
Well he suspected a stroke (yikes) & ordered a brain and cervical spine MRI.
Results showed (in part) a pocket of fluid sitting on my brain as well as my pituitary gland (no biggie) I’m being sarcastic if you can’t tell. Of course I only got to read the generated data from an email with no explanation or call back (where’s the concern?) I literally was researching and typing in words I’ve never heard of before… Google define “asymmetric prominence of the right frontal extra-axial CSF space at the superolateral convexity level” (of course I had to break it down) My autocorrect couldn’t even handle me typing it in and I had to literally copy word for word to input into this sentence. Hope it made sense? It doesn’t to me but lots of things that used to be not problem for me are extremely difficult now. It must be “growing” (who is feeding this monster in my head?!?!)
To be continued (because I have lost my sense of where I’m going with all of this.. sorry not sorry) …

Oh yeah, anyone else living with a creature inside their head???

P.S. “for grins”
my actual MRI living creature in my head

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