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Making the best of it

The photo seen here is a bit of Disney magic when my husband and I visited. We had our picture taken by Disney photographers, as I have a photo pass attached to my account.

We may look all smiley... But inside we held a #secret . We were both so #tired and feeling like we were running on steam. The night before we barely slept as we had spent it in the emergency room for my husband's mouth swelling.

We didn't think we were going to make the special ticketed event. But I was so happy that we did. Sometimes when you're unable to miss out on an event because it cost so much and all the tickets were sold out... You have to press through. And we did just that.

All the love,

Ps) It was my happy 13th wedding anniversary gift from my husband.

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Took most of the morning

Another therapy session free handed and colored in another piece of art Capt. America charging into battle added the flag background with the flames and singed burn marks and holes came out great I wanna frame it and put it on the wall in the new place #ArtTherapy #secret talent #Fun sun and Cap #BPD Awarness

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