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It's a Long Haul

Hey Friends. How are you today? I hope you are well.

Today I thought about how much it #sucks when you are trying to get a #Job . My friend contacted me earlier today and was in tears because she is struggling to find work. Why is this so #difficult ??!!

I know how #Challenging it is to just find a job, but to keep one is also another challenge. Do you have a #MentalIllness ? I do. #BipolarDisorder is not fun. There are days where I have more #Energy than I would need, and then there are days where my mind is so #foggy that I cannot #think straight. It's #awful but I do what it is that I have to do to try and get by.

Whatever your struggle is... whether it is #Trying to find a #Job or if you are trying to keep your job... I'm here for you.


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January is 10 Days In!

Hello Everyone.
Welcome to another episode of #WhatOnEarthIsHappening ! 🤣

My emotions nose dived today like as if I was flying in an air plane circus show. #emotional time periods are not the best times, but they can be #Valuable when we have #Anxiety . I started to #think about all of these things that I have experienced so far since my father had died in March 2022.

When my #Dad passed away... I lost my favorite pain in the @$$. I was his favorite too. I #Love and #MISS my Dad so much. #Death is not an easy thing to #handle . But while I was #dealing with the #Lose of my Dad, I had them lost my job right after coming down with a terrible #illness .

It was a nightmare for me how I #lost my #Job and my #daddy all in such a short time span. I haven't found another job since because I have not mentally been #prepared for #MentalHealth is something that needed to be worked on as I am still #grieving over my father and my job.

So... Here I am... #RidingTheWaves that come in and out in my mind. Sometimes I just need to #RollWithIt and do what I need to do in the best way I can,.. even if it isn't my usual best. #Trying is better than #denying and #Procrastinating .

I must start small.
If I want a #Job ... I should try a small part time job somewhere. Maybe a retail job.. but.. even #Retail can be #stressful these days. It's getting #worse now that #AnxietyDisorder is getting stronger or more intense with me. But I will do my #best to #KeepWalking onward.

Do you have any words of encouragement for me?


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#OCD #spiritualhealth #MentalHealth #Christian #Anxiety #Fear #legalism #Aspergers

Sitting in the car analyzing myself and pondering if I do indeed have the resolve needed to reprogram my brain to think #positively not #negatively . I try step outside myself and counsel myself. I can see clearly that there are negative #patterns that keep popping up in the way I #think . I assume condemnation every time I see an area where I am not obeying God. There are specific areas of wrongs sometimes perceived wrongs that I tend to come up more often…too often. Such as do not forsake the fellowship of the brethren. Another is not reading the Bible. I know my #OCD and #ADHD #Aspergers have made this a crippling challenge. However I can not rule out my own will completely.
This is where things become murky trying to figure out what is reasonable thought and what is illogical logic. This shouldn’t be so hard to figure out. Anything I do not do for a long time I become #fearful of doing. This is not uncommon for OCD and Aspergers if I’m not mistaken. Plus the enemy attacking me when I’m trying to fight my disease. This should be a good hint that any negative thought I’m dealing with is not true. Any thoughts on your part my brothers and sisters are welcome. God bless you all!

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Twinks , Miss Kitty's twin passed on the 4th of July last yr

#think we need more space for a title ❓It has been a tough time and a very close old friend lost her brother 2 days ago to lung cancer in Hospice :-( Did not have a necropsy done on Twinks and Rachel and Gary came and buried her which I never do always do cremation and no time as found her dead and the vet thought cardiac issues :-( A very sweet cat and Miss Kitty had a very tough time but is doing better now :-)


Bitter truth n fact….


Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married or own a house; as if life was some kind of grocery list. But nobody ever asks if you are happy..??..

#Happiness #materialistic #artificially #hardfact #bittertruth #think


#overthinking #think #teenager #HighlysensitivePerson #sensitive #sensitive

I’m overthinking and hypersensitive teenager, lol. And it’s difficult af when people around you say like: «You think too much», «omg, when I was at your age I didn’t think about it», «just stop it» and etc


Thinking too much #think

Whenever I try sometime new or different, I don't want my mind to think what people will say if you do this or that I want to do things with free mind #

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I have been working VERY hard on my overall health & well being. However if I think to much about my fear of falling behind again.... and failing... it can really get me upset. #Nonegativity #think -positivity