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    Thinking too much #think

    Whenever I try sometime new or different, I don't want my mind to think what people will say if you do this or that I want to do things with free mind #

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    I have been working VERY hard on my overall health & well being. However if I think to much about my fear of falling behind again.... and failing... it can really get me upset. #Nonegativity #think -positivity


    Reframing #think differently

    I want to reframe my thinking this year. I am going to write a little about myself every day.



    Think, Think, think…..lets think, shall we?….To think Us humans -Yearning for the wisdom of death . The darkness of decaying embodiment of knowledge in thy cerebral cortex withering away in every thought. The brain a trillion terra bites- only learning with thy eyes through the sea of thoughts but dying with every stress. Intrigued by the birthday of thy strangers’s deathbed but enraged with thou deathday . The popular thought of death is the decaying root of our brain.The creator of death is the ironic god of us - humans that are interested in yearning of our true creator. The flow of everlasting rage ends the potent creator to thee dying last day To read is the thinking mental masturbation of our human nature. The mania of thinking is within us . Waiting to awaken - to go berserk in wisdom is to claw thy mind with potent-full roots of rage . The decaying tree of rage is what peels thy brain of its knowledge and travels throughout your body to the expanding land of life The orange peel of destruction that travels through the roots of rage is what makes the mind agitated . Filled with distress of my thoughts is what worries the body of the desires of belligerence . Think is the tool of creating but also the decaying tool of our brain . The tree of wisdom - burning to the ground with the thought of rage . Filled with madness chopping at the blocks of trees of knowledge with the axes of overthinking . The mania of rage fills within the mind and now - the tree has fallen with the blocks of madness next to it . Now we - say - have we thought so deeply - yet? #think #overthinking #Poem #Poetry


    When positive is negative

    For someone with low self esteem, positive thinking can often have the opposite effect. A lot of self help books out there and inspirational quotes that get you to repeat positive affirmations like ‘I am powerful,’ I am strong,’ I am worthy,’ ‘I am beautiful,’ ‘I am loved’ blah blah may be helpful for those who already believe these things but the further something is from ones own view the more likely it is the brain will just dismiss it. In some cases it doesn’t just dismiss the statement but even draw further attention to how un all of these things they actually are. So basically those who are most in need of a more positive outlook gain an even more negative outlook by trying to force the unnatural. I am now about to veer away from actual facts to my opinion so be mindful of that with the rest of this post. Obviously dwelling on the negative is probably not going to be helpful either so the best course of action is probably to give less weight to the value of all of these things. It is probably also good to remind yourself that even though you and some other people might not think much of you, this does not mean everyone does. All these views are so subjective. A better way to think might be something along the line of ‘I don’t feel that I am beautiful, powerful, worthy or even loved’ but that is ok. I am also aware that these are my feelings and not necessarily the truth. They are also not permanent states and may change through the course of one’s lifetime. Maybe I don’t have any friends or loved ones right now but this does not mean I never will. Maybe everyone else seems to say I am disgusting too but there might me someone out there who one day will find me beautiful. Maybe I am not very powerful but I am kind. #positive #Depression #Selfesteem #think #Suicide #Life #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #Recovery #psychology #Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #worth #beyondworth #EatingDisorder #Confidence #help