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    Be that Angel

    There are so many people out there struggling you know cause your one of them.

    The storm rages on and on yes but in the storm there is beauty. The winds that blow allow you to glow. So around and around you go up and down to and frow.

    So you know just in case anyone hasn’t said IT to you today….

    You are amazing yes you the person who is reading this very message today.

    Your made of star dust that took billions of years to form in time so you would be hear to read this rhyme.

    We all think we will be fine in time that’s why this is all so sublime. If we were fine there would be no reason to scribe this rhyme.

    Some of you need a good laugh or even take a time to soak in a bath.

    Whatever you do just do you that’s what’s going to be most helpful to you.

    Please be the best you we all love U2

    #Fun #ArtTherapy #inspire #SuicideSurvivor

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    Fighting depression and thoughts of guilt and shame (possible trigger warning? I don't know the etiquette for this platform)

    A letter to myself:


    I can see you struggling right now. You're withdrawn and unsure of yourself.

    The spark and confidence I know is in you has dimmed to the faint glow of a firefly somewhere off in the distance. Do you not realize how much of a phoenix you are? So many bad things have happened to you and yet you continually rise from the ashes. Just... don't let yourself burn so hot that you reduce your surroundings to ashes as well while you reform.

    I know a few people already got singed the last time. I regret that but I've tried to make my apologies and I'm moving forward. The people who got hurt may be taking some time to heal from you, but don't count them all out. Some of them will return to you in time. Maybe after flaming out on their own, and you'll be there, experienced in regenerating, and a guide to the other side of the flame.

    Don't let the darkness consume you once the fire goes out. You're only ash for a moment. There's a whole new life waiting for you.

    [Side notes: Focus on who you want to be. You don't always get to choose every aspect of your being, but you can choose and work towards certain things. You can be kinder to yourself and others, find new ways to express yourself, walk away from unhealthy habits, and seek out good influences. Who do you want to be this time, phoenix?]

    #Depression #Anxiety #Guilt #Shame #tryingtodobetter #Trying #lettertomyself #Phoenix #ArtTherapy #writingisgoodtherapy #getsomesleep

    Photo of a painting I've been working on for a few years off and on (I'm a slow progress creative with ADHD symptoms; I do the best I can). One day I'll finish it. 🤞

    Tldr: Art 🎨

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    Side Project 3

    So far so good Takes time due how the paint takes to dry. I like how Android 18 pops out. #ArtTherapy

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    Had a rough month and trying to get back into photography as therapy #Depression #Anxiety #Stress #ArtTherapy

    I had a rough last 30 days. I almost got kicked out of the condo I am sharing due to an error on the lease. My hours have been reduced at work. My #Depression #Anxiety #Stress has been through the roof. I am extremely fatigued. I am trying to get back into photography as therapy. This is the latest pic I shot this week. Even though I had fun creating this image, I am not feeling much relief.

    Back in August, I started a new job at Disney World and in September we moved into this new condo. It seemed like things were going well. I was getting enough hours to make ends meet plus a little more working part-time. When I was hired, I was supposed to be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as my regular days. There were also extra shifts available to add to my schedule. We are Union and our new contract was supposed to be finalized October 1 with a raise, according to our union rep. Well, Disney hasn't agreed to the contract yet and are still in negotiations. Also beginning October 1, all of our hours were cut. I am down to just 1 regular day a week and it is difficult to pick up extra shifts. Now, I am stressed out with trying to make enough to pay bills.

    Even though I have resolved the lease problem and I am barely getting enough shifts at work to pay bills, my #Depression #Anxiety #Stress are overwhelming. I am tired of having to keep going on these rollercoasters of life. I hate having to go from things going smoothly to chaotic and having to scramble to fix everything. All of my therapists and counselors keep telling me that I am tough and a survivor. They tell me that I have been able to come out of these situations and stabilize. It isn't much comfort for me. What they don't seem to understand is how much these situations take out of me, both physically and mentally. I am tired, sore and just getting by in life. This isn't the life I thought I was going to have.

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    Painting for my church in service

    With great honor my painting is shown during a service in the chapel. People admire the painting. I hope this painting will last long after I’m gone. Kind of sort of my legacy. what an honor. #ArtTherapy #MultipleSclerosis


    New group - Therapy Abuse

    #ArtTherapy - I am hoping it is ok to post this here. I have started a new group called Therapy Abuse. As a survivor and someone who has been in a position to see just how prevalent yet hidden this problem is - it is imperative we have a safe place to talk about it. Join us if you need this type of space.

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    Side project 2

    I like how it’s slowly starting to look like an animated cel now. The progress is taking a lot of work. The paint takes time to dry. When I do finish it I may buy another paint pallet. I don’t think I want to use this one and hang it up somewhere. It’s keeping me busy for a while. #ArtTherapy

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    Finally finished

    This painting has taken me such a long time to finish. Having the strength, pushing through the pain but alas it is complete. I’m calling this Fall Harbor and it’s 36x36.
    #Art #ArtTherapy #mighty

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    A little sunshine on a cloudy day #ArtTherapy #bethesunshine

    One of my favorite ways to distract myself from pain is to paint the scenes I’d love to escape to. The warm sunshine on your face, the sound of the ocean…

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    And so it begins … #ArtTherapy #winterscoming

    Winter..I use to love it so much as a kid but now with CSS, Fibromyalgia and a laundry list of other goodies I find myself struggling a lot in these dark and cold winter months. The aches are real. Art helps ke cope. I hope you enjoy this piece.