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    ° " Good Morning! Fam.. " ° #ShoutOut !

    ° " Hello There!👋 Boy Is It Nice To Be Off On Monday × Tuesday.. But Work 5 Day's Straight... Oh Well. I Got Off Work Early Yesterday. I Have Been Having Good Work Day's. I Guess My New Idea Is Actually Working... I Yell At These People. Because I Can't Hear Them. And They Can't Seem To Hear Me. I'm So Broke Atm. I'm Alittle Depressed. " ° Sincerely, ••○Skaoi Kvitravn ○•• #Thought 's

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    ¥ " S.K.O.L !! GOOD MORNING MIGHTIE'S " ¥ #ShoutOut

    ° " I Hope That Your Morning Is Starting Off Well... Me I'm Like On... Meh! Mode Today I'm Just Going To Chill And Wait For My Food To Get Here... I Would Sleep In But I Can't Really... Have A Wonderful Day Everyone... " ° Sincerely, ▪︎•Skaoi Kvitravn•▪︎ #Thought 's

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    ☆ " GOOD MORNING! MIGHTY PEEP'S " ☆ #ShoutOut

    ° " May Odin And Freya Protect You On Your Journey's... And Self Discoverie's... On Being More Awsome And Unique On Your Pure Path To Being A Big Ball Of " GREATNESS "!! Sending You All My Love And Massive Hug's This Morning... Sincerely, ♡•SKAOI KVITRAVN •♡ #ShoutOut !

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    ☆ " GOOD MORNING! Mighty Family... " ☆ #ShoutOut

    ° " Good Morning... My Lovely Awsome Family Of All Diffrent Walk's Of Life... I Hope That The Weekend Will Bring You More Peace.. And Calm... Not Me Because I Work Sat And Sun.. But I'm Off Today And Friday. I'm Still Under My Depression Spell Sigh!... " ° ¡SKADI KVITRAVN! #ShoutOut

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    °" HAPPY T.U.R.K.E.Y. DAY!"° To All Of The Mighty Family.. #ShoutOut !

    ° May This Day Bring You Peace And Calmness... And Warmth... During This Time Of The Holiday Season... Sending... All My Love And Massive Hug's... " Your Residential Mighty Poet "... °SKADI KVITRAVN° #Holiday 's

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    × " Good Morning Mighty Family... Sending ♡♡♡ And Huge 🤗. " × #ShoutOut

    ♡ " Have A Wonderful Day Everyone.... And Try Not To Think Or Feel Too Much... "May Freya Light The Day For You To Relax And Have Peace" ♡ °SKADI KVITRAVN° #ShoutOut


    ♡" Good Morning! Mightie's..."♡ #ShoutOut !

    ◇ " I'm Finally At My Place.. I'm Going To Enjoy My 2 Day's Off.. And Look For A Better Job And Update My Resume... But That's For Tomarrow.. Today I'm Going To Do A Wood Crafting Project It's Going To Be My 1st Let's See How This Will Turn Out... " ◇ #ShoutOut ☆▪︎▪︎☆ SKADI ☆▪︎▪︎☆


    ♧ " GOOD MORNING! " ♧ #ShoutOut !#takingabreak

    ¥ " I'm Leaving For Awhile... I'm Just Not In It Right Now... I Will Not Be Posting For A Good While... Especially My #Poetry ... And Meeting Human's I'm Just Done... People Are Just Too Much... Especially When Very Sick... I'm Hitting My Mental State Of A Breaking Point... You All Will Be Fine Without Me... Take Good Care Of Yourselve's... " ¥ Sincerely, "YOUR MIGHTY RESIDENTIAL POET" °•°•°SKADI KVITRAVN°•°•° #takingabreak

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    ☆ " GOOD MORNING! Peep's " ☆#ShoutOut

    ☆ " I Hope That Everyone's Morning Is Going To Go Well... And The Rest Of Your Sunday... I'm Off Today... Hopefully I Will Be Alone... I'm Increasingly Not Enjoying People At All Anymore... And This Pandemic Has Turned People Into Uptight Jerk's... I Understand That They Have Been Locked Up At Home... Blah Blah Blah... But Do Yourself A Huge Favor.. And Re Learn Manner's And Simple Act's Of Kindness... And To Treat Other's With Respect... I Have Asked My Boss For A Letter Of Recommendation... I'm Just At My Breaking Point With Working With Customer's.. I'm Tired Of Being Yelled At For Other People's Mistake's.. " ☆ #Thought 's ☆▪︎ SKADI ▪︎☆



    ☆ " I Just Wanted To Tell All Of You... To Stay A.W.S.O.M.E × P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E... People Are Just Beyond Rude And Entitled To Act Like A Spolied Rotten Brat... Nowaday's.. It's Time To Being Your Super-Power Of Bold K.I.N.D.N.E.S.S... And A Huge Pure Heart To Melt The Hatred And Bitterness Within Humanity... People Work Hard On Thier Mental Health And At Thier Actual Job's... It Wouldn't Hurt Anyone Just To Turn On The Faucet Called " HAPPINESS " ... And Pour It Everywhere You Travel To.... " × Sincerely, ☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆SKADI ☆ ▪︎☆▪︎ ☆▪︎☆ #ShoutOut