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× "Happy Turkey Lurkey Day!" × #ShoutOut !

° " Spending Time With Family And Total Stranger's... Can Be Well Alittle Bit Of A Chao's.. So Remember To Alway's Take A Time Out.. For Yourselve's... And Have Peace... All My Love ~ SKAOI KVITRAVN #Holiday 's

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♤ " HAPPY ▪︎ PRIDE MONTH▪︎" #ShoutOut

♤ " Let's Party Like There's No Tomarrow... Love You! All Diffrent Walk's Of Life's.... " ♤ Sincerely, ◇ S.K. ◇ #PrideMonth

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° " Good Morning! Fam.. " ° #ShoutOut !

° " Hello There!👋 Boy Is It Nice To Be Off On Monday × Tuesday.. But Work 5 Day's Straight... Oh Well. I Got Off Work Early Yesterday. I Have Been Having Good Work Day's. I Guess My New Idea Is Actually Working... I Yell At These People. Because I Can't Hear Them. And They Can't Seem To Hear Me. I'm So Broke Atm. I'm Alittle Depressed. " ° Sincerely, ••○Skaoi Kvitravn ○•• #Thought 's

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¥ " S.K.O.L !! GOOD MORNING MIGHTIE'S " ¥ #ShoutOut

° " I Hope That Your Morning Is Starting Off Well... Me I'm Like On... Meh! Mode Today I'm Just Going To Chill And Wait For My Food To Get Here... I Would Sleep In But I Can't Really... Have A Wonderful Day Everyone... " ° Sincerely, ▪︎•Skaoi Kvitravn•▪︎ #Thought 's

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° " May Odin And Freya Protect You On Your Journey's... And Self Discoverie's... On Being More Awsome And Unique On Your Pure Path To Being A Big Ball Of " GREATNESS "!! Sending You All My Love And Massive Hug's This Morning... Sincerely, ♡•SKAOI KVITRAVN •♡ #ShoutOut !

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☆ " GOOD MORNING! Mighty Family... " ☆ #ShoutOut

° " Good Morning... My Lovely Awsome Family Of All Diffrent Walk's Of Life... I Hope That The Weekend Will Bring You More Peace.. And Calm... Not Me Because I Work Sat And Sun.. But I'm Off Today And Friday. I'm Still Under My Depression Spell Sigh!... " ° ¡SKADI KVITRAVN! #ShoutOut

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°" HAPPY T.U.R.K.E.Y. DAY!"° To All Of The Mighty Family.. #ShoutOut !

° May This Day Bring You Peace And Calmness... And Warmth... During This Time Of The Holiday Season... Sending... All My Love And Massive Hug's... " Your Residential Mighty Poet "... °SKADI KVITRAVN° #Holiday 's

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× " Good Morning Mighty Family... Sending ♡♡♡ And Huge 🤗. " × #ShoutOut

♡ " Have A Wonderful Day Everyone.... And Try Not To Think Or Feel Too Much... "May Freya Light The Day For You To Relax And Have Peace" ♡ °SKADI KVITRAVN° #ShoutOut


♡" Good Morning! Mightie's..."♡ #ShoutOut !

◇ " I'm Finally At My Place.. I'm Going To Enjoy My 2 Day's Off.. And Look For A Better Job And Update My Resume... But That's For Tomarrow.. Today I'm Going To Do A Wood Crafting Project It's Going To Be My 1st Let's See How This Will Turn Out... " ◇ #ShoutOut ☆▪︎▪︎☆ SKADI ☆▪︎▪︎☆


♧ " GOOD MORNING! " ♧ #ShoutOut !#takingabreak

¥ " I'm Leaving For Awhile... I'm Just Not In It Right Now... I Will Not Be Posting For A Good While... Especially My #Poetry ... And Meeting Human's I'm Just Done... People Are Just Too Much... Especially When Very Sick... I'm Hitting My Mental State Of A Breaking Point... You All Will Be Fine Without Me... Take Good Care Of Yourselve's... " ¥ Sincerely, "YOUR MIGHTY RESIDENTIAL POET" °•°•°SKADI KVITRAVN°•°•° #takingabreak

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