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♧ " GOOD MORNING! " ♧ #ShoutOut !#takingabreak

¥ " I'm Leaving For Awhile... I'm Just Not In It Right Now... I Will Not Be Posting For A Good While... Especially My #Poetry ... And Meeting Human's I'm Just Done... People Are Just Too Much... Especially When Very Sick... I'm Hitting My Mental State Of A Breaking Point... You All Will Be Fine Without Me... Take Good Care Of Yourselve's... " ¥ Sincerely, "YOUR MIGHTY RESIDENTIAL POET" °•°•°SKADI KVITRAVN°•°•° #takingabreak

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I’m Finally Taking a Break

I decided to take some time off work because of my mental health. I had been dealing with a lot for a while now, and it finally took a toll on me. I finally opened up to my mom about my current state of mind (including the suicidal thoughts) which was hard to do. I did also opened up to a long time friend about my being severely depressed and she was very understanding about it. In the last few days before taking off work, I began to feel like the people I worked with didn’t really need me. I told a hand full of people that I was leaving for a while. I felt that the people that who once enjoyed my company before seemed to go off with other people and I felt it was best for me to leave without saying goodbye. Lately I’ve been feeling like my existence doesn’t really matter much at this point. I do think that there are other things wrong outside of just being depressed. So, I’ve decided to take a break from things right now. #severedepression #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #takingabreak #Depression #Openingup #SuicidalThoughts #GettingHelp #steppingaway

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I think today is the day I take a mental health day and just relax. I always overwhelm myself with my daily chores and with moving in two weeks there's lots to do. Sometimes it's what we need. To just take a break and breathe. #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #takingabreak #Lettinggo #CPTSD #Healing