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× "Happy Turkey Lurkey Day!" × #ShoutOut !

° " Spending Time With Family And Total Stranger's... Can Be Well Alittle Bit Of A Chao's.. So Remember To Alway's Take A Time Out.. For Yourselve's... And Have Peace... All My Love ~ SKAOI KVITRAVN #Holiday 's

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Holidays Hurt

I don't know what a "normal" holiday is supposed to look like, yet somehow that is all I crave.

A holiday where you don't have to decide if it's worth it to see family members if you know it is going to cause a flare afterwards.

A holiday where things aren't tense because of all the family members who still don't want to admit or get treatment for any other mental health issues.

A holiday where I didn't need to lay down to rest in the middle of the day and that I didn't wake up in pain.

A holiday where I don't see the traditions others are doing and remember just how much my chronic illnesses have taken away from me.

A holiday where I don't see all the other people my age who now have a family of their own and starting a legacy of traditions with their own kids... all while I wonder why my body didn't even give me the choice to decide what I wanted my legacy or future to look like.

A holiday where it doesn't make me realize that yet another year has passed and the harsh reality of how many goals I didn't meet.

A holiday where I could actually feel comfortable inviting people over to our house... to have a house that isn't constantly in a state of destruction thanks to two ADHD adults living in it.

A holiday that didn't make me miss my career and all the extra events and services that I used to work during these special weeks of the year.

If I'm being honest with myself, I know that there probably isn't a "perfect" holiday for anyone. Yet it's hard not to notice so many more painful realities during these days each year. Because when you have chronic illness, it never takes a holiday or day off.

And it's hard not to hope that somehow, someway, next year will be a little bit better. But for now, I have to try and find the moments I can enjoy in the midst of yet another holiday that feels ruined.

#Holiday #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #postviralsyndrome #ADHD #Bipolar2 #Anxiety

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I signed up for a zoom group about #Anxiety and #PanicAttacks . It starts tomorrow. I never got the Email link on friday. Today was a #Holiday #Familyday here in #Canada . So of course i didn't get a message today. Unless i get it in the morning. I have a feeling maybe the Grpu[ was full. So im put on the wate list. Which is unfair. I did sign up when the calendar came out. Doesn't seem fair to me. I think this place has a limit

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Is unpacking considered cardio? 👀

When unpacking your bag from holiday trip leaves you with -10 spoons. #SpoonieProblems #Holiday

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In the nights you look out the window,

Look to where there are lights


Christmas time can be a wonderful time but also a sad and hard time for many..

it can bring loneliness and emptyness to others..

those grieving feel it more so...

Some struggle emotionaly,

Others with their health.

Or for what ever reason that brings unhappiness in to their personal lives.

So please remember that while yes its a joyous time, a special time of year, some of your friends and some of your community family and neighbours may be at their lowest...please reach out, be a friend, be a good neighbour..give the gift of love and compassion this Christmas .

May no one feel alone

Be a light in some ones life..

Light their path this Christmas..

Give the gift of friendship ♡

Peace, Love and My Friendship To You All..

God Bless every one ✨#Christmas #Holiday #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression

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Remembering my Father

Is it the most wonderful time of the year? For many, it is not. I do not feel so chipper, even as I embrace my home decorations that I just placed out for #Christmas . I am planning on going to a few more #Holiday events, including some #HolidayShopping too.

Theme parks here are buzzing, and my husband and I are lucky to have bought tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party in Magic Kingdom Disney World here in Florida.

But.. I cannot help but think of my Dad. Call me #Crazy but when you lose someone that you've known your whole life and it's the first Christmas without him... It hurts so bad.

My #BipolarDisorder symptoms have not been the best either. I feel like I am on velosicoaster at Islands of Adventure and I don't like roller coasters! I am up and down, and upside down, straight up, and left and right. I feel like I am a #yoyo from the 1990s. I think it's the days being shorter, and the fact my Dad isn't here, that my symptoms are more #difficult to deal with.

How is your #holidayseason kicking off so far?

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