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♤ " HAPPY ▪︎ PRIDE MONTH▪︎" #ShoutOut

♤ " Let's Party Like There's No Tomarrow... Love You! All Diffrent Walk's Of Life's.... " ♤ Sincerely, ◇ S.K. ◇ #PrideMonth

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The Power of Love

How do I put into words what it is that I am feeling right now? I am confused and wishing I could be just neutral.

I went shopping a little while ago, and on my way home my husband called me. He told me I should not have went shopping and spent money. I bought him some things for father's day and when I mentioned I got him some things, he became upset. It is because I don't have a job. He was upset with me about us having one income and going shopping.

He told me to not put up roadblocks into me finding a job, or doing what it is that I want to do. Professionalism is not something that comes easy for me, and with my mental health issues it's harder than that of a person without them. It is not an excuse to stay where I am, but it does not make it as easy as someone else's level of difficulty. I know everyone experiences difficulties. I swear it will be OK. I just have to find something that I love to do and go for it.

Today is a day of mixed emotions. It's driving me nuts... But it's something that I have to deal with. I am hoping for a better tomorrow since today is a Mix of a Mess and a Blessing.

Take Care.

#Love #Trying #iamhere #sad #happy #MixedMood #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #jobless #lonely #notalone #up &Down #PanicAttack #PanicDisorder #Crazy #Wild #calm #confused #shoppingaddiction #Mourning #grieving #Grief #FathersDay #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #Loveislove #PrideMonth #Trying #doing

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Autistic Adults: Our Diverse Gender Identities #actuallyautisticadult #AutisticAdults #Fibromyaliga #PrideMonth #disabilityacceptance

Enzi Tanner is a recently Diagnosed Autistic Adult who is very intersectional. In additon to being Autistic, Enzi is black, queer and Jewish. Enzi’s story is powerful and inspiring because he is a licensed social worker and community organizer, and advocate. Enzi also lives with fibromyalgia. Listen to his great story today. Tap or click to listen to Autistic Adults: Our Diverse Gender Identities.

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Hello Everyone!
I am so happy to be here and celebrate Pride Month with you all! Living in Central Florida we see many awesome things in our local theme parks to show love, and equality in honor of Pride Month.

I am so thankful to have each and every one of you as part of this group! We are a strong family and we are here to help one another through our dark times and our bright times. This group is growing day by day and that's a wonderful thing to see. I like to get to know everyone. Would you leave a comment below to say Hi and just say a little something about yourself?

I will go first.

I am Valerie and I love hello kitty. 😁. Hi!!



New music

I’d like to create a playlist of songs that are part of the LGBT+ community and would love to hear people’s recommendations :) #PrideMonth #Pride #LGBT #LGBTQ

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June has arrived!

2021 is nearly halfway over. Can you even believe? June is Pride Month too, so I wanted to post and honor all of our LGBTQ+ members of this group. I would be interested to hear about your experiences pursuing healthcare for IBD/other chronic conditions. I always want to learn about the holes in our system, as well as the successes, and I’ve read some about how fair healthcare is lacking in so many communities right now. If anyone feels comfortable sharing their experience, please post to the group.

If you have feedback on good content to share during this month of June, feel free to comment or send me a DM!

#PrideMonth #ChronicIllness #CrohnsDisease #UlcerativeColitis #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #52SmallThings

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TikTok Silencing & Banning Mental Health, LGBTQ+ Advocates

Tiktok has recently banned one of the most positive, uplifting people on the platform, Mamma Jill Wallace. As an Atheist, this Christian woman warms my heart to know that there are people like her who are there for the LGBTQ+ community that share her beliefs and even those who don't. She doesn't exclude anyone from her messages and has made an insurmountable impact on the LGBTQIA+ community. She opened up recently on a live stream about her personal struggles with mental health including suicide as a way to share her experiences and to let people know they're not alone. She spoke about it as a means of prevention to help others who maybe were struggling in the moment with everything going on around us. Tiktok turned around and banned her for it permanently. It is appalling. It is disgusting. It is PRO SUICIDE to ban this woman. Tik Tok might as well have just handed someone struggling a blade or drove them to a ledge. Because of their actions, they told people struggling with suicidal tendencies or ideation that they should basically just do it and that they aren't wanted or cared about. They contributed to mental illness and every single day she remains banned, is another day that Tiktok gives its approval and supports the suicide of its viewers regardless of what they say. This is repugnant. You can claim algorithms all you want. But guess what? Algorithms and AI are trained by human data input and controlled via that same way. They don't decide willy nilly. They have set boundaries. They go by what you told them. So the problem is you, TikTok. Get your crap together because you're causing irreparable harm. You took a woman who has suffered and had the ability to reach and help someone else suffering by sharing her own struggle and you silenced her and invalidated her. I don't care what your beliefs are or anything. This isn't about them. It's about human beings. How dare you do that to this woman and the millions of others who suffer from this very real issue directly and indirectly. This is beyond Abelism. This is pure discrimination in action. Not to mention, Tiktok regularly silences LGBTQIA+ voices and then does this during Pride month. Beyond shameful.
For those who follow mamma, she is not giving up. She is staying strong and has created another TikTok. She isn't going anywhere wether they like it or not and that's the kind of boldness that we need most right now. And the world is a better place because of her continued presence. Everyone of any belief should always have someone who advocates for them and she is an integral part of the LGBTQIA+ community regardless of your beliefs. Without people like her around we wouldn't have half the rights we do today and we sure wouldn't be able to weather the storm we are in currently in the US and throughout the world.
#MentalHealth #Tiktok #Suicide #SuicidePrevention #SuicideAwareness #Depression #MammaJillWallace #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #PrideMonth #Abelism


Pride Month

This is kind of another part of my intro. I’m out to everyone, and thought I’d be open on here, too. I’m aro ace and agender. I don’t experience romantic and sexual attraction. My platonic (or queerplatonic, really) attraction is the strongest that I do feel. I would love to be in a qpr (queerplatonic relationship) in the future. A life partner to experience things together would be great. Gender doesn’t matter with this for me. Being agender means I don’t have a gender. I’m not a man or woman. There’s nothing there for me. I don’t even know what feeling feminine or masculine really is. I see them as styles. Almost like pretty and fun masks, but they’re not me. It’d be great if people refer to me neutrally. For instance, human, person, friend, guest, etc. My pronouns are she/her since it’s easier for others and I’m used to it, and they/them which is more accurate but still doesn’t feel ‘right’. Nothing truly feels right yet. I do have gender dysphoria, and a lot of gendered things get to me. My body feels like a patchwork doll sometimes. The positive part of that is a lot of the treatment for my cancer will help with my dysphoria. I plan to get a hysterectomy soon. Might be in the next month. I also want top surgery, and the way I need it will also help with taking care of the cancer. I do eventually want to get back to gender therapy. That way I can explore more of the social part of it, and feel more me. This pride month is quite different in many ways. I just hope it’s a good positive one for everyone. #PrideMonth #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #aromantic #aro #Asexuality #Ace #qpr #Relationships #queer #agender #genderless #trans #Transgender #nonbinary #genderqueer #Health #Cancer


Identity Crisis

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve identified as bisexual. This has been one of the very few constants in my incredibly unstable self-identify thanks to #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder. For over a year now I’ve been questioning this part of my identity. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized my attraction goes beyond just men and women. I’m at a point where I feel my sexual orientation is very fluid and shouldn’t have a label. I’ve become more and more connected to the term “queer” in order to describe my sexual orientation. I wanted to make a post about it during #PrideMonth, but I’m finding it extremely difficult to part with the “bisexual” part of my identity. I keep going back and forth trying to figure out what part of this conflict is valid. Is my divergence from the bisexual label my bpd? Or am I just more scared to let go of the label just because it’s been a part of my identity for so long?? I have been lucky to never have a conflict with my sexual orientation before, but now I’m questioning everything.