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Do you ever feel that there are things crawling on you when there not?

I can look at my skin and see nothing but I feel something crawling! 😬 #skindisorders #invisibleinsects #crawling #bugs #itchy


#Depression #HidradenitisSuppurativa #skindisorders #Pain

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been doing good with managing my depression. But, lately I feel like I’m slowly going backwards. I’m at a point in my life where I just don’t care about anything anymore. I’m only contacted when necessary. Why? I’m tired of always be the friend that wants to help you, check on you, or just say hi. But my “friends” my “family” can even do that. It’s like as of right now my heart doesn’t have anything left to give but to worry about myself. It’s to a point where I’ve stopped going to social media and stopped contacting the “people” that say they “care” about me. On top of that, I finally let my guard down and I gave someone my heart and in return I was ignored, humiliated and left on the floor in a million pieces in the cold (not literally, just how I felt) right before my birthday. All I got a week later was “I forgot to wish you a happy birthday”. You didn’t forget you just didn’t care. You don’t tell someone you want to spend your life with them and do that. Yet, I was the one apologizing. It’s not easy to erase memories of someone you truly loved. Now, I’m having flare ups back to back. When will the pain stop? I’m at my breaking point. I’m mentally and physically tired. I just want to get back to a place where I can say I’m truly happy where I smile for no reason. My heart it huge, pure, and full of love. I know my worth but it sucks that others don’t see it sometimes. I need the old me back.


Casting women to share their experiences with #Psoriasis

Hi Everyone,

My name is Delphine and I'm the casting assistant at Liz Lewis Casting Partners in New York. I wanted to share a project that we are working on in case it might spark anyone's interest!

Liz Lewis Casting Partners is currently searching for women, ages 16-32, with Psoriasis to discuss its mental heath affects. Stories will be featured in a streaming documentary produced by Conde Nast Entertainment and SELF. This is a paid opportunity.

Selected candidates would be needed for a one hour interview per week, for four weeks, as well as be asked to shoot some home footage (equipment provided). The in-person interview will only take place once social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

Please find the submission form here:

For more information, please email

Wishing you all health and safety.

#Psoriasis #MentalHealthHero #skindisorders


Possible diagnosis? Looking for advice

My doctor is convinced that I have a auto immune/rheumatoid disease (primarily seronegative RA on top of my other conditions) but after today's appointment he seems to think it's Dermatomyositis too. I've done a little research but can't find much about it. I'm looking for some insight to see if my experiences match up with others with this condition and how their doctors handled it. I had blood work done again today (waiting on results and a rheumatology appointment) and I'm really nervous about this.
#Dermatomyositis #rarecondition #Undiagnosed #skindisorders

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