What do you do when “life” won’t stop? I don’t mean the end of life or when your heart is no longer beating. I don’t mean when your vital organs no longer function, and your soul leaves this earth. I mean “life”. Everything. It just won’t stop. It keeps getting deeper and deeper and more and more. How do you readjust your sail? God holds every teardrop. God hears every prayer. God allows “life” to happen. Do you ask yourself why? Do you ask yourself when? What brings you joy? Do you find yourself more comfortable now behind “the covid mask”? Hiding? From people? From “life”? It’s like a handmade snowball, starts rolling down a mountain, slowly, rolling and creating a larger, bigger, enormous ball of snow, and the mountain never ends. You cannot see the bottom of the mountain, it’s not there. But eventually this snowball is “life”. Where is the sunshine? Where is the warmth? When will it go away? What must we do to get the snowball of “life” to stop rolling and getting bigger? When will the winds shift? When will the sea open? When do you readjust your sail? When does the snowball turn into the sea?