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Todays post is about where I see myself with Cerebral Palsy in my future, When your told at a young age that you have Cerebral Palsy you really don't know what your future is going to be like with it because your still in the middle of processing that you have it yourself. I will never forget the day that I was told at the age of seven that I had Cerebral Palsy. I was at Cerebral Palsy Clinic and my doctors came in and told me that I had Cerebral Palsy and grant you I was very sad for the longest time but once I came to terms with what Cerebral palsy was I came into the mindset that I can do anything That anyone else can do, I don't know even to this day what my future with Cerebral Palsy will look like but I myself see a very bright future ahead for myself and my Cerebral Palsy. I will continue to believe and achieve and as long as I have wonderful people around me that support my mission in life the sky will have no limit for me and that my friends is how I see my future with Cerebral Palsy.


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Facemask #where you need to wear ur face mask

Places where you should always be wearing a facemask no matter what!! I believe #1 SCHOOLS #2 YOUR WORK PLACE.. #3 CASINO'S #4 HOSPITALS & CLINIC'S #5 WALMART AND OTHER STORES THAT ARE BIG AND HAVE LOTS OF PEOPLE IN AND OUT ALL THE TIME

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~ When life won’t stop ~ my thoughts about a snowball~ #Life #Snowball #what #When #where #how #AdjustYourSail

What do you do when “life” won’t stop? I don’t mean the end of life or when your heart is no longer beating. I don’t mean when your vital organs no longer function, and your soul leaves this earth. I mean “life”. Everything. It just won’t stop. It keeps getting deeper and deeper and more and more. How do you readjust your sail? God holds every teardrop. God hears every prayer. God allows “life” to happen. Do you ask yourself why? Do you ask yourself when? What brings you joy? Do you find yourself more comfortable now behind “the covid mask”? Hiding? From people? From “life”? It’s like a handmade snowball, starts rolling down a mountain, slowly, rolling and creating a larger, bigger, enormous ball of snow, and the mountain never ends. You cannot see the bottom of the mountain, it’s not there. But eventually this snowball is “life”. Where is the sunshine? Where is the warmth? When will it go away? What must we do to get the snowball of “life” to stop rolling and getting bigger? When will the winds shift? When will the sea open? When do you readjust your sail? When does the snowball turn into the sea?

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#My Dear Friend #

#I think I have wrote the gambit on this thought #but since no one has heard from him ,the last date for me was 01/11/2021 #I might need to check that date. I do know I have written many different emotions pertaining to this amazing man #.He has many friends and family that love him dearly.And we the ones not knowing what is going on with him ,are worried #.He was having some issues before his page went dark. #he just dropped off, we don’t know what or where ? #I did have a neckname for him come to find out it was 2 one was Skylord and the other is Starlord which is the one I perfer #.The reason being is that when he is happy ,and smiling, and ,devious he touches everyone in his area . #and he has a Beautiful voice, he loves to sing. #he would say, you don’t know me,and I would say alas dear sir I know more than you think.But I will not share but to him. #where ever you are and what ever is going on ,.There has not been one day that you have not been in my thoughts and prayers.And yes this has no doubt been a one sided relationship. #MISS you so very much.O and I did want to ask your zodiac sign is a Leo! #?

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Yesterday, Aah Well

#where Have All The Flowers Gone

I'm watching a compendium of old Top of the Pops and seeing all the great acts that were there in my teens which, then, somehow gave me a confused sense of 'making' it somewhere in life. Now looking at a rainy sky all day alone and stuffing my face with popcorn and being terribly maudlin. I guess I should be happier? Maybe tomorrow. Pic is from my tv, phew DB was a great person.


#where do start

I gave up a great career for my sons mom’s career, got severely depressed and stressed by new job. After 10 years of it I had my mental break down. Then I find out she had been cheating, and I she kicked me out to move him in. So with all of that I tried to hang myself. Now living in my car and life could not be worse with Covid 19. My car breaking down and not being able to shower.


Does anyone know where to buy hand sanitizer, or do you have to buy it online?

#where to get hand sanitizer #

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I know something is going on with me but I have no insurance and have never been test or formally diagnosed anything. I'm not sure where to begin

#where to start #what is wrong with me