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For your viewing pleasure!#ChronicPain #Disability #Depression #soberliving

Every year, the doves return to make a nest, and raise their babies together !
Enjoy !

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I'm sober today. #ChronicPain #Disability #Depression #soberliving

Today I am 30 years sober. That's 10958 days.
Still doing it one day at a time.
And very, very grateful.

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8 days clean and sober from weed!

Wow. I never thought I could make it a werk. It's been years since I stopped like this. But to be honest. I never felt better. Never felt more clear minded. More positive. More living in the moment ! ✨️ it's going to be a tough journey but I know I have a great support system around me. My BPD is very maintainable right now. I feel like wasted so much time from something I thought I was having fun with. But it ended up to be a terrible habit that I turned into an addiction. I'm disappointed in myself but I'm also proud of myself for making changes that are gonna be hard. This is for the best. I lost friends over quitting pot. But if you don't understand then please jusy leave my life. I don't need negativity when I've been down for years now. I have never felt happier 😊 herez to many more clean sober days ahead! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #quittingweed #soberliving

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Living with an addictive mind

I don’t have a bad life, despite my physical and mental health challenges. I have friends and family who care about me, loving pets to look after, and a home to call my own. But sometimes I get obsessed with needing something/someone new in my life to provide more excitement. I don’t do well with the same routines day in and day out. And with the pandemic, that’s what it’s been. At times, the craving to feel something new gets strong. And I feel despair. Tonight it got that way. I’m clean and sober 12 years, and I’m working on codependency, and I wanted to crawl out of my skin. Fortunately, I remembered what I learned in the rooms - to turn my focus to helping someone else. So I took my dog for a second walk. Didn’t act out. Felt my feelings, cried out my frustration.

What do you do when you get the addictive itch?? #Recovery #Codependency #Alcoholism #mindf *ck #Cravings #soberliving