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Struggles with caffeine/aspartame/sugar on your moods?

I have struggled for years with #diet cola sodas and chocolate. On again, off again. Also with compulsive eating since childhood. The overeating numbs but takes me to depression. The caffeine gives me a lot of pep and numbs anxiety initially, but then takes me to such high levels of anxiety that I feel barely able to stand it. Then I do it all over again day after day because I am addicted to it.

The sugar and caffeine affect my sleep. I know of many studies indicating that aspartame is very bad for our brains and bodies, as well as having a laxative effect, which also may mean that I'm not absorbing my psychiatric meds as much as I need to, as well as regular nutrition. I drink a lot of it, and I'm really afraid to 100% accept all of this within myself because I don't know how to let go.

The cravings and loneliness and mental health struggles started very young, and have gotten worse with age. There was a time for 2 years when I ate 3 meals a day, no chocolate, no sugar, did have diet soda but less than I do now. Rarely had depression then, but after two years of doing OK I started to go downhill over period of weeks and went into an outpatient program to get back on my feet.

I was also in very difficult perimenopause, and insomnia started then and has continued. It's been a mess, and holding down jobs have always been up and down with the depression and mood swings.

If you struggle with these, what helps you? How do you deal with intense cravings and loneliness and lack of sleep when even a CPAP machine and you don't work well together, and you've tried therapy and groups and classes etc to help with those aspects of mental health? I always take my meds as prescribed.

I would more than love to hear your shares. Thank you for listening and any experiences you can share.

#sugar #Caffeine #aspartame #diet soda #Depression #Anxiety #mood swings #Cravings #Sleep #compulsive eating #Outpatient #Perimenopause #Insomnia



I'm really struggling with cravings for alcohol lately. I feel so much guilt and shame around it. Like it should be easy to quit. But it's not. I feel like I'm drowning. Just surviving barely playing pretend to be an adult but I just can't do it.
#alcoholic #Cravings #Depression #struggling

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Living with an addictive mind

I don’t have a bad life, despite my physical and mental health challenges. I have friends and family who care about me, loving pets to look after, and a home to call my own. But sometimes I get obsessed with needing something/someone new in my life to provide more excitement. I don’t do well with the same routines day in and day out. And with the pandemic, that’s what it’s been. At times, the craving to feel something new gets strong. And I feel despair. Tonight it got that way. I’m clean and sober 12 years, and I’m working on codependency, and I wanted to crawl out of my skin. Fortunately, I remembered what I learned in the rooms - to turn my focus to helping someone else. So I took my dog for a second walk. Didn’t act out. Felt my feelings, cried out my frustration.

What do you do when you get the addictive itch?? #Recovery #Codependency #Alcoholism #mindf *ck #Cravings #soberliving



I have been of prescribed opioid medication for about 2 months now. I miss it. Despite how horrendous it was to come off them and all the difficulty I had... I still would happily have them again.
Does anyone else get this?
I feel crazy when I say I’d happily take them if I was offered them from a random stranger.. I didn’t think much to this until I saw the reaction of my closest friend when I said this.
Am I gonna always want them?
#Addiction #OpioidAddiction #Cravings

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I’m craving ______________ right now.

Human connection? 🤝 Rest? 🛌 Your favorite meal? 🍽 If you’re up for it, tell us what your mind or body want right now.

📌 P.S. There can be a lot of stigma around cravings, but they aren’t all bad. A lot of times, they stem from a deep-seated and valid need. It’s OK to honor them.

#MightyMinute #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Parenting #RareDisease #Disability #Fibromyalgia #AutoimmuneDisease #Autism #Cancer #Anxiety #Depression #FridayFeels #Cravings

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Breast Cancer Awareness

If any of you are in the Lakewood/Long Beach/ Bellflower etc. area, This Sunday at 7pm, Cravings Ice Cream in Bellflower, join us for delicious icecream, live music, and to support our breast cancer fighters!
#BreastCancer #Music #jazz #rock #musicians #cancerawareness #icecream #Cravings #bellflower #Support


Weird cravings

I get the weirdest cravings when I have migraines. Today all I wanted was cream and custard trifle. Another day I wanted fried chicken. I don’t eat either of these usually. Anyone else get cravings?
#Migraine #Cravings

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Has anyone experienced increased hunger on your anti-anxiety meds? I’ve been snacking all day! #Snackattack #Anxiety #Clonazepam #PanicDisorder #Hungrymuch #Cravings

So the pic is evidence of my sweets cravings coming alive right before my eyes, it vanished before I knew it though! It’s a medley of strawberries with vanilla Greek yogurt with m&ms and almond butter on the side. Wow, I didn’t think I’d be smacked with more sweet cravings right after I had an ice cream too! I just got prescribed Klonopin (clonazepam) for my panic attacks and today is the first day I took it. I’ve never taken it before and am a little hesitant on the side effects like increased hunger, as I’m already on a medicine that causes weight gain. Anyone else have similar experience?