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    Standing barefoot in the grass will ground you🙏

    Resilient strength is the opposite of helplessness. The tree is made strong and resilient by its grounded root system. These roots take nourishment from the ground and grow strong. Grounding also allows the tree to be resilient so that it can yield to the winds of change and not be uprooted.
    - Peter A. Levine
    #CPTSD #Depression #Anxiety #GroundingTechniques #Somatic

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    2019 so far.

    So far in 2019 it has been absolute hell. I have stopped seeing two of my #therapists. I feel like I've dealt with it pretty good I no longer feel abandoned and I am okay with this transition. I stepped off the path for a hot minute and ended up in the hospital for two weeks. I missed work I have amassed debt because of it and I am still not sure how I am going to get out of this. I am trying to decide what type of #Therapy will be best for me. I am thinking about #DBT again or if I should do #Somatic therapy. I also started #TranscranialMagneticStimulation which seems to be helping but I don't know what to do.

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    The One About Pain #Somatic #ChronicPain #TravelingPain

    My big, big feelings
    Try to fit in my small, small heart
    They must exist elsewhere in my body #MightyPoets