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    #soooooi 'mFinallyBackInEngland.... I have been abroud getting help for my #Anorexia #PTSD ...Complex and more. Since recovering from #Anorexia I have lost support from my family and have been treated quite badly.....I'm the youngerst of 13.
    I was In the Middle east for 3 months trying to emigrate...whilste tjere I had my suitecases stolen with my emigration papers & thousands of pounds. I also got #raped . Still my family were rude, angry & refused to help. I flew back to the UK with not a dime & umtil my benefits are processed I've been broke. My fiance has helped me & I finally recieved a lone. On the whole I've been doing well hoever after my #Stroke 7 years ago due to starvation I'm left with #Dystonia & am having a flare up....Painful, hard to sleep and extremely lonely. I guess I'm having a really rough night is close to 5:30am here and my pain levels, anxiety & #exhustion are prety high
    I guess I needed to share, I'm generally a grateful person by nature but human too

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