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#Weekend #Nature #Springtime #Seasons #Hugs

Enjoy your weekend whatever you’re plans maybe.
I have woken up feeling really anxious and feel like something bad is about to happen!
I had a panic attack at 6:30am so planning?!?!?!
Am i the only one who gets anxiety, Am i overthinking it, Am i going to be okay?!?!?

Now i need the energy to even put the kettle on; i’m drained and i feel dry from the inside out, my throat is hurting so it could be the start of a flu or something. I know after i have my mid morning cuppa or 3 i may feel a little bit better 🗣️💪💥 and if not; im going to colour today, maybe write while i’m in my deep intrusive thoughts, something or nothing?!?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔😕🤷🏿‍♂️😐🤔🤷😐😕🤔

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Happy Spring!

Hello Everyone. This is Tinkerbell from Twitter. I follow her account and she always brings me joy with her cute outfits. Do you have any adorable spring things to share?


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