I have #subclinicalcushingssyndrome and #HashimotosThyroiditis that is making #major#MajorDepressiveDisorder, #treatmentresistant and #Anxiety even worse and they health problems take time to help properly and not how the Standard American Way of poor treatment for adrenals. I have nothing left I me to fight the depression, anxiety, and all the symptoms that come with all of the above. I have 0 family support and friends at this point as they don't get #InvisibleDisability. With no resources locally or in state, I don't stand a chance. I've reached out to small Cushing and Hashimoto's sites in the Hope's they might know something but get no response. the isolation and lack of understanding and support is killing me. I need more than an online support group. Would The Mighty make an app that connects other ill people locally????