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New med

I started a medicine last week and I have noticed my depression is as dark as it has ever been and my suicidal thoughts are very high. I reached out to my doctor and she said it's not the new medicine to continue to take it. I just how it's the medicine that is doing this to me. Having you ever had a similar experience? #major depressive disorder #Complex ptsd#Anxiety #suicidal

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I had to put my puppy down about a month ago and I was devastated. My husband got me this sweetie for my birthday.
#major Depression

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Why though? #major #depression

He's pushing me away intentionally, he doesn't think that he'll ever recover. Do I let him have his way? He's currently in the hospital. He has said multiple times he wants me to hate him. Why?



How do you find hope when you feel like there isn't any?
#major depressive disorder # cptsd #Anxiety # suicidal ideation

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I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I am in a very dark place and I do not see any hope... I feel so alone even with someone right next to me. I'm tired of what my depression was doing to me and to those around me. I feel so guilty about what it's doing to my husband, I am thinking about leaving him just so he could live in his life and not be burdened with me. I feel like suicide is my only escape. I feel so hopeless. #major depression disorder #CPTSD #Anxiety #suicidal ideation

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I am struggling with flashbacks and nightmares. I need some grounding techniques to help me. Please let me know what techniques work for you. #major depressive disorder #c PTSD #Anxiety #suicidal ideation

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Reaching the end

I am here wide awake for the 7th night in a row. I'm exhausted mentally and physically. I see no future and everything seems so hopeless. I don't want to wake up in the morning. #major depressive disorder #CPSD #Anxiety #suicidal

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I am feeling lost and alone. My depression is dark and I have given up on life. I have been in Spravato I was showing progress for a couple weeks and now everything has plummeted and I am back in the dark deep hole. I'm feeling very hopeless and helpless and that my life is worthless. I am scared and I feel alone. #major depressive disorder #CPTSD #Anxiety

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