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#treatment resistant depression#major depressive disorder #Anxiety disorder and then some

Has anyone tried brain mapping? If so, what was the treatment after the mapping? Did it work? I’m desperate for something to work.

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Can't cope with the stress #major depressive disorder #BPD #BreastCancer

I starting to worry about myself. I'll try and explain things as succinctly as possible.

Last September my bathroom ceiling collapsed due to a leak from my upstairs neighbour. Nothing has been done to repair it orevenmakeitsafe. Water and debris still fall into my bath on a daily basis. There is loose brickwork, potentially asbestos, and I have to hoover the bath before I use it.

Second issue, 28th February my boiler broke down. Have had no heating or hot water since. Seven engineers have visited, two parts replaced, and the current situation is actually worse than when I reported it in February.

I have emailed the CEO and my MP, been assigned an incident manager. He has been on leave. Made an appointment for yesterday morning. They didn't arrive. Phone contractor, the appointment has been booked for my downstairs neighbour because he has a leak coming from my flat into his living room.

Speak to my neighbour, he tells me they arrived, and did nothing.

Phone the contractors, explain what happened, they look at the engineers report and he has closed the job. I have to call Peabody to raise a new repair request.

I'm drinking wine at work because I'm so stressed. I'm a nanny. The children I look after hear me shouting, swearing and losing the plot. I have looked after the children for nearly 11 years, so the family know me very well.

Alice is worried because I have had breast cancer twice and she has heard me saying that I was extremely stressed before both of my diagnoses. She wants to massage me, stop me working, and relax. She's saying she's going to make lavender bags for me to help me relax. Bless her 💖

I have never experienced this level of stress before. I can't sleep, eat, cope with day to day life. I'm drinking copious amounts of alcohol to try and cope with the stress ( default mode) and I haven't exercised, actually physically gone shopping, or managed to maintain a routine of any kind since the bathroom ceiling fell down last September.

What should I do? I can't even speak to people on the phone without having a panic attack! I have a constant nerve pain on the right side of my head, and my eczema and IBS are the worst they've ever been.

I'm in crisis, but I can't even phone the crisis team. OMG I'm a mess. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Momma need a survival Kit

I’m new to the group. I wanted to know is there a group created for moms who are overwhelmed with finding help with there kids who may be new to #Fibromyalgia #mood disorder #PTSD #Rejection from dad #major depression , etc. I have my own therapist and the best advise she has given me is the backpack method but when it’s your child I feel stuck trying to keep her problems in my backpack. I have watched a vibrant and loving child diminish to no mood, sad all the time, unexplained weight loss, in pain and being an introvert. Pulling things out of her to talk about is stressing me to the point of no return. Tell me guys how to you watch this and say to yourself if my child will be here on this earth for me to see have children and have a prosperous life? I loss my mom is 2018, 2019 my child told me she was molested at 9 in her dads care, she was bullied in middle school because of a outfit she had on at picture day, and it seem like her life been spiraling out of control ever since. She smokes marijuana that I’m not proud of and everyday this school year it has been a constant challenge to get her to go to school. She is a senior this year and my child wants to have a job but she is fighting fibromyalgia and it will look like she have commitment issues and she might not get the job she applies for because of her negative energy from the pain. I have prayed and I have seeked help in every direction in the medical realm. I’m a nurse myself and was terminated because of a conflict with manager I guess not liking me. I was not a office rat and didn’t believe in gossip. I have dedicated my time off to my daughter with the help of her older brother. I am seeking my own self love because I have put so many people in front of me until I don’t know what I like to do or csn ever complete a project. I just want a normal life but I guess with God that does not exist. #help I’m drowning😢😢😢

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Therapy and Prozac

<p>Therapy and Prozac</p>
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For years I have dealt with poor self-esteem, established since being a toddler. In my mind I struggle to give myself positive affirmations. A skill that lies dormant somewhere within me, but I have no clue where, or how to access it. I'm Bipolar and struggle with CPTSD and have been in counseling working to hold myself above water. Just want to know someone out there who understands any of what I just rambled off about. #Bipolar #all mixed up #Medication resistant #Survivor #major Depressive disorder

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GI issues

Had a horrible day with gi issues which has aggravated the pain from bulging discs in my mid back. On the wait list for chiro and hes booked up for the week. He is the only one who doesnt aggravate my pain or cause a POTS reaction so just have to wait it out. Had a similar day 3 days ago and my back has been playing up since. I cant take any oral pain meds and have been using icepacks, movement and walking, but today just resting and trying not to aggravate stomach pain. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.
#dysfunctional childhood #POTS #major depression #degenerative disc disease #Survivor

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Low on spoons

Today woke up planning to go for a walk but didn't take into account I'd already had 2 days being on my feet a lot more than usual. Fatigued despite 10 hours sleep. Thinking of the things I need to do today and how to do them - realise I need to lower my expectations and do part of a chore at a time, then rest until I can do the next bit. Part of me wished I hadn't washed the sheets this morning as it seems too hard now to get up and make the bed. I also need to acknowledge chores already done - sheets washed and on the line, made tuna on toast for brekky, and rice, veg and tofu for lunch. It's after 3pm so time to get up, bring the sheets in and make a start on the bed.The dishes can wait till tomorrow.
#dysfunctional childhood #POTS #major depression#degenerative disc disease #Survivor

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GI issues - what to eat?

Have been feeling deprived sticking to my low fat 3gms or less per 100gm serving size protein plan. Its certainly got rid of the all day nausea and the constant pain but has become very boring. My daughter in law is a chef and suggested I dry toast sesame seeds and keep them in the fridge to add to meals, or sprinkle crumpled sushi sheets over food. I mash silken tofu, adding soya milk, ground cinnamon, mixed berries and rice krispies/bubbles for a dessert/treat. I used dried herbs, soya sauce and salt but any other ideas to jazz up veg and poached fish/chicken without using any oil, citrus, the nightshade family, onion, garlic, egg, wheat/corn ingrediants, pulses or prepared sauces greatly appreciated. #dysfunctional childhood #POTS #major depression #degenerative disc disease # survivor

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Family dysfunction

I've worked very hard as an adult to establish a relationship with my sister and she or I phone each other several times a week and talk about everything. I was excited and looking forward to seeing her after several years. She was here for a 3 day visit, flying in from another State before she had 2 weeks holiday with her daughter in another State. I was hurt and disappointed when she never called me and I was confused and felt unimportant and sidelined. I phoned her regularly and she would make arrangements to see me each day but kept changing, then breaking them as her daughter (who my son had done a 6hr return drive to pick up), and her were out constantly clothes shopping. It felt like I was caught in a rerun of our childhood where Mum singled her out to constantly take clothes shopping while I kept silent and pretended I didn't care I was missing out on the time or attention. They did end up coming around to my place for their last few hours as she said it was very close to where they were catching the greyhound bus down to Canberra. My daughter in law whose bnb they had stayed in for free dropped their luggage around before they got here and commented scathingly didn't they have shops in Canberra or Perth. I told her it was their way of spending time together. By then I was really over it as the lunch out with my adult children and grandchildren hadn't eventuated. My granddaughter came over to my unit and we gave them their birthday presents, and cake etc. I was relieved when they left and I could put the emotional turmoil of the visit behind me. Hours later she went back to communicating with me, sending me a photo of her and her daughter arriving in Canberra and saying she would liked to have seen more of me?? and might travel back up to Sydney during the next 2wks to spend time with me. Totally unimpressed.
#dysfunctional childhood #POTS #major depression #degenerative disc disease #Survivor