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I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I am in a very dark place and I do not see any hope... I feel so alone even with someone right next to me. I'm tired of what my depression was doing to me and to those around me. I feel so guilty about what it's doing to my husband, I am thinking about leaving him just so he could live in his life and not be burdened with me. I feel like suicide is my only escape. I feel so hopeless. #major depression disorder #CPTSD #Anxiety #suicidal ideation

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I am struggling with flashbacks and nightmares. I need some grounding techniques to help me. Please let me know what techniques work for you. #major depressive disorder #c PTSD #Anxiety #suicidal ideation

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Reaching the end

I am here wide awake for the 7th night in a row. I'm exhausted mentally and physically. I see no future and everything seems so hopeless. I don't want to wake up in the morning. #major depressive disorder #CPSD #Anxiety #suicidal

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I am feeling lost and alone. My depression is dark and I have given up on life. I have been in Spravato I was showing progress for a couple weeks and now everything has plummeted and I am back in the dark deep hole. I'm feeling very hopeless and helpless and that my life is worthless. I am scared and I feel alone. #major depressive disorder #CPTSD #Anxiety

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I have been doing pretty well. I am currently on Spravato treatment and experiencing some success. This week all my friends are going back to their teaching careers and welcoming back their classrooms and I realize how much I am missing out on due to my mental illness. I feel I have lost my career and my identity and see no future. Just need some support or I am feeling very alone and scared. I feel like I am going down that deep dark black hole. #major depressive disorder #CPTSD #Anxiety #suicidal ideation

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I just completed my 5th treatment of Spravato today. I have a feeling of calmness and lightness. What experiences have you had with Spravato?
#major depressive disorder # PTSD #Anxiety #suicidal ideation

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I want to update my playlist of songs to help ground myself when needed. Any suggestions of songs that you use that are helpful to you.
#major depression #ComplexPTSD #Anxiety #suicidal ideation

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Imminent loss of 11 year job sending me into mental health crisis

I have worked with the same family as a part time nanny for over 11 years. I looked after both children since they were babies and have supported them through nursery and primary school.

The family have been amazing. They have supported me through two cancer battles, and numerous mental health issues, including panic attacks, suicide attempts, periods off work with depression, and made allowances to enable me to attend therapy and hospital appointments.

I managed to get another job, in fact I was headhunted because I have my profile on several nannying employment sites.

Everything was going well, the baby was a joy to look after, the parents were chilled out. However, on my way to work on Tuesday I completely freaked out. Decided that the job wasn't right for me and promptly quit.

In hindsight I realise that this was classic BPD at work. I decided that I wasn't good enough, that the parents were dodgy, that I didn't deserve the job because they didn't know anything about me and I was cheating them and myself.

Now I have no job lined up in 5 weeks time when my current role ends.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Or am I completely crazy?!

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Anything to feel better

My major depressive disorder has become treatment resistant. I have gone back to a medication that.worked well then stopped working after 10 years. It is taking the edge off as I was getting suicidal, I’m so greatfull something is helping, even if it’s just a little! I count it as a win. #major Depression, #Anxiety , # PTSD, # ADHD

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