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Has anyone taken a leave of absence or used FMLA to deal with their Fibromyalgia flare symptoms? #Fibromyalgia #timeOff #MedicalLeave #Stress #takingcareofmyself

I’m dealing with the loss of my mother after a long and painful illness as well as a lot of family and work stress. I’m burned out and having the worst flare I’ve ever had. I’d love to hear from folks who’ve taken time off to take care of themselves.


Things will get better

Today I built up the courage to tell my boss that I need time. I don’t want to take off of work just work from home. He advised anything that I needed. On my way home I was having anxiety over the situation. I came home and flipped out over two dishes... I slammed them to the ground. I went to my room starting throwing whatever I could find. I drowned in my sadness, embarrassment, shame, guilt. In that Moment i convinced myself I wouldn’t move for the rest of the night.

The next moment I knew I had to... for me. I got up, picked up the shattered plates, and took them to the trash. As i threw away the plates I made a promise thug will get better, I’ll continue to work on myself, it won’t be easy. I’m ready for as change. #takingcareofmyself #Takingbackmylife

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Eating, taking my meds, getting rest, exercising twice a week, making art, reaching out to the people I love and trying to keep learning and growing.

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