I've always struggled with therapy and being on medication because I never quite understood why I needed it.

I'm a feeling person who feels alot and I always have been since I was a child. I'm in therapy again after some years because I do think it's important to talk to someone if you can about the things you are feeling.

I'm trying to stick with it and I will but the turn off comes when my therapist is trying to uncover some childhood trauma or deep trauma that simply doesn't exist. Its just that the same questions persist as if I'm not being open enough.

It sucks but some of us including myself are just very sensitive to the world and everything around us. I think deeply about things and see the world with a different lens. Actually that doesn't suck at all because I truly believe I'm here for a reason.

I know It's about managing my emotions, the way I think and the way I feel. I'm empathetic, sensitive and very aware it but it doesn't mean I'm dealing with any trauma. I know its easier to diagnose trauma but sometimes depression is simply depression and its up to myself to find the light that God gave me and to put my gifts to good use. Depression is not a sign of weakness neither is trauma.

I'm not sad person or a pessimistic person. I'm a happy person who loves the world so deeply that sometimes I wish things were different and I find myself in a funk. The only trauma I'm dealing with is wishing the world was a better place and people being nicer to eachother.

Can you relate? Have you been to therapy? How has your experience been? What are you fighting for to make yourself whole?

I hope this day brings you peace, love and light. Thank you for letting my ramble. ❤

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