Currently, I Feel Like A Failure. I Feel Like A Loser. I Feel Like Nothing I Do Is Right, I Feel Like A Fuck Up, I Feel Like The World Is Against Me. Recently (Today) I Was Reminded Of All My Shortcomings, All My Mistakes. Thrown In My Face, I Feel Like The Villian, The Bad Guy (As Always), And I Know I’ve Made So Much Progress, I’ve Improved In So Many Areas And Aspects Of Myself But Somehow I Cannot Shake The Fact That Nobody Cares. That Every Single Thing I Do Is Meaningless. That No Matter What I Do, If I Do Not Meet The Standards Of Societies Definition Of Success Or What Is ‘Normal’ Than I Must Be A Loser. A Failure, A Waste Of Space. And It Could Possibly Be My Depression Talking But I Cannot Win For Losing And I’m Tired, Exhausted, Feeling Defeated And It Leads Me To Self Destruction. Like Why Should I Give A Single Fuck About Anything Or Anyone On The Planet. I Just Don’t Know. For As Many Wins As I Have Achieved Over These Past Few Months I Have Suffered Twice, If Not Infinite Amount Of Loses. And I’m Just Tired. I Wanna Give In, I Wanna Become A Beast And Cause Just As Much Hurt And Pain That I’ve Experienced My Entire Existence. When Is My Time To Be Unregrettably Happy? When Will I Be Able To Live. #Depression #TheDarknessIs MyOnlyFriend #Anxiety #selfloathing #anger #Hatred #Rage #DisdainForThisExistence