So tonight I signed into a Mighty event that I signed up for. The Chronic Illness Support Group. I haven’t taken advantage of these options yet on the site but I do know one thing, I will now.
I was wishy washy about logging in at first. It’s been one hell of a past two months now.
(Side note: I’m keeping it PG with my description of saying that it’s been one hell of a past two months... I’ll leave the description for it up to you lol)
To briefly sum it up, it has utterly, completely been a relentless and brutal two months on not just myself, my health and my brain, or what’s left of it, but my family as well.
My mind is somewhere....
At this point I’m going to assume it went AWOL. If found, do myself and the world a favor and don’t return it. I am requesting a new one. Along with a complete new body. Apparently they are presently OUT OF STOCK....figures 😣
I said screw it, and I logged in. Not only did I smile, I laughed, I felt connected and understood. Boy did I need that.
So, to the Chronic Illness Support Group, I want to thank you.
P.S. your stuck with me now. Bahahaha.
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