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    Overwhelmed #Fybromyalgia #Anxiety #Arthritis

    Today is a tough day.
    I feel in horrendous pain which in turn is seriously affecting my mental health.
    Plus looking after two young children im finding it a rough day.

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    My health is a full time job because...

    Unless you live with a health condition, it’s really hard to wrap your head around how much time actually goes into managing it on a daily basis. There are endless appointments, phone calls, tests, procedures, treatments, scheduled rest times, therapies, and hospital stays.

    So we’re curious: What makes your health a full-time job? What aspect of your condition takes the most time to manage?

    For me it's calls to and from the pharmacy going over prescriptions, which seems like 30 min every day. I take 15 different medications and although I have auto- refills they still call me every time something is up to be filled for that month. I feel like I'm also calling doctor’s back and forth about new refills for things that are running out, prioritization, appeals to insurance, then discussions about new med’s side effects… And I also research possible new meds and talk to other doctors, friends, patients, and pharmacists every time before I start to add a new med (or get off and old one)

    #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #PTSD #ADHD #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDepression #ChronicFatigue #BackPain #Fybromyalgia #Asthma #PeripheralNeuropathy #Migraine #ChronicDailyHeadache #LymeDisease #RareDisease #COVID19 #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #DistractMe #MightyMinute #Cancer #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealthHero #Pain #Grief #PainAcceptance #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #relief #IfYouFeelHopeless #Hope #happy #Joy #smile


    Help me u derstand

    Hello I have not been here in awhile. I for got about taking any time me. This I want use to ask a question, the left side of my body hurts. I feel I’m getting a big needle in my left arm off and on all the time. My has a men monster grabbing it (my grandkids say that). The doctor think I have sciatica the shots work for 2 weeks at a time. Has anyone ever gone throw this #Fybromyalgia

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    New traditions and meaningful ones kept. Happy Holidays to all the Mighty’s!

    This year new traditions were made while a select few remained. My Christmas Eve and day was filled with love, support for each other, and peace. It was spent with the woman that is my whole world, my mother as well as my best friend, biggest support, and nothing short of an amazing man, my cousin Dave. Low key and relaxing. I am truly grateful. How was your holiday? Share your traditions new and old, GP WARRIORS! 😁 #Gastroparesis #Fybromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #TheMighty #mightycontributor

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    A battle with no name

    The pain at times feels like a poison running through my veins, escaping into my muscles.
    Like there are giant iron nails being driven through various parts of my body while random bones are randomly being sprained or broken throughout each day.
    Like my body is being crushed but at the same time might explode at any minute.
    Like my eyes are made of cement and my brain is made of mush with spikes as it slithers through my head.
    At times it feels like my limbs are attempting to be ripped from my body.
    Sometimes there is a tingling sensation like someone is pervertedly tickling my insides and it's an itch that can't be scratched but one that is so uncomfortable and painful you want to rip your skin open just to try to let it escape.
    There is a lump in my throat that won't go away like something is trying to speak but it doesn't know what to say.
    There is a never ending balloon of air that keeps a heavy weight upon my chest that uncontrollable belching will just not put to rest.
    A sickness inside of me that tries to pry itself out with extreme nausea but it's just another thing that can't seem to escape this darkness inside of me that I want gone.
    Sometimes I get stabbed in the back by my own body as well...
    Sometimes I feel like it wants me dead but it's just unsure how to complete the mission... or perhaps it wants to see me struggle the slowest fight to my death.

    There is no feeling safe within this body.
    Every day is just another battle in a war I can't even name.

    #Nerve and joint pain


    Tonight I am grateful. I’m also smiling....😬

    So tonight I signed into a Mighty event that I signed up for. The Chronic Illness Support Group. I haven’t taken advantage of these options yet on the site but I do know one thing, I will now.
    I was wishy washy about logging in at first. It’s been one hell of a past two months now.
    (Side note: I’m keeping it PG with my description of saying that it’s been one hell of a past two months... I’ll leave the description for it up to you lol)
    To briefly sum it up, it has utterly, completely been a relentless and brutal two months on not just myself, my health and my brain, or what’s left of it, but my family as well.
    My mind is somewhere....
    At this point I’m going to assume it went AWOL. If found, do myself and the world a favor and don’t return it. I am requesting a new one. Along with a complete new body. Apparently they are presently OUT OF STOCK....figures 😣
    I said screw it, and I logged in. Not only did I smile, I laughed, I felt connected and understood. Boy did I need that.
    So, to the Chronic Illness Support Group, I want to thank you.
    P.S. your stuck with me now. Bahahaha.
    #Gastroparesis #Fybromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #ParkinsonsDisease #ChronicPain #themighyrocks #ThankYou

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    Sadness on an anniversary of an amazing HUMAN AUNTIE

    My HUMAN is sad. She is emotional. She’s overcome with the return of the same exact grief the way she grieved in shock, disbelief that it was true, and the empty space that instantly grabbed an enormous piece of her heart 7 years ago yesterday on 10/17/2014.

    I every so often (possibly a little more than “every so often) bust her chops, pester her with my over the top requests and demands that as I believe to be totally within reason and pretty much be a permanent standard for a pouch as myself.

    I have watched her recently struggle beyond a shadow of a doubt more than ever since. Some of the struggles being suffering and atempting to push through one the sickest I’ve witnessed in all the years we’ve been a duo. The other how it is affecting her mind, as it just seems to spiral at a rapid pace.

    So for tonight, no ball busting, just kisses and cuddles. Xoxo

    #Depression #Anxiety #greif #Loss #Sadness #Passing #heartbreak #BreastCancer #CervicalCancer #UterineCancer #Suddenheartattack #Gastroparesis #Fybromyalgia #ParkinsonsDisease #Upallnight

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    Today is my Auntie Debbies birthday up there in the sky. What I wouldn’t do to be able to call her up and sing our special version of happy birthday.... honestly I have absolutely no idea how that special, albeit strange rendition started and why, but it was ours that much I do know.

    My aunt passed away unexpectedly on October 17th, 2014. Her 61st birthday was two weeks prior on the 2nd.
    Through the years she fought and conquered breast cancer only years later be diagnosed with cervical cancer, but won that battle too. In the end we now know that cancer had returned a third time and I will always believe in my heart that she knew this was the battle she would not win.

    Auntie Debbie and my Uncle Frank had a very well established, expanding global business.
    A week prior to her passing, she and my uncle received acknowledgment for achieving every one of their goals. Hard work, effort and absolute dedication in the face of her inner struggle, they had become a “Diamond”. What her business refers to it as one of its highest honors. watching the video of her speech I realized, not for the first time, the strength and fortitude she had, realizing her time with us was growing shorter. The true smile on her face, knowing
    what she did was to accomplish exactly what she set her goal to be. I need to add that this was at an arena setting with the capacity of thousands.

    She was an impeccable speaker whether it was about the business or life experiences, advice on life’s curveballs as well as navigating them through her own experience.
    She was full of love, compassion, kindness with powerful intelligence and unwavering support for every one she knew.
    Whether An acquaintance ,
    friend, close friend or loved one, she always treated everyone the same way.

    I was and have been completely blessed to have two amazing, incredible, strong and fierce women by my side. One of them being my late Auntie Debbie and the other, my one in a million best friend, my mother.
    I wish someone would just come out with it and say something actually true instead of the same old “it gets easier with time”. Sorry but I call bullshit on that phrase. It’s been 7 years and I can without a shadow of a doubt say. in all honesty, it doesn’t become easier with time but I do know my love continues to grow and I am proud to have had her as a role model in my life.
    Because as I struggle with the challenges my own illiness I find strength in the life
    my Aunt lived. #RestInPeace #MyHero #Cancer #strenght #courage #Grief #Loss #CheckInWithMe #Fybromyalgia #Gastroparesis #Depression #

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    My mind is a complete train wreck today (tonight, whatever you want to call it). I can’t focus on any one thing. Thinking of 12 things at once and have not been able to finish one task at all. Is this fybro fog? #Fybromyalgia #Anxiety