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Do you find people don’t believe, respect or honor your disability? Have you lost friends because of this?

The problem with having severe mental illness and trauma, or really any disability for that matter...

If you don't act "disabled enough" in public, people assume you're fine and should be functioning just like everyone else... If you're able to hold a conversation, or go to a social event, or work a job, or go to the grocery store, or clean your house, even part of the time, people assume you're absolutely fine and faking/exaggerating your symptoms. Even if I can do the task once and fail the next ten times, people think because I did it once I'm 100% fine.

But if you act "too disabled" people think you're "crazy" and a burden and want nothing to do with you. If you're suicidal, out of control, crying, self-harming, having flashbacks, getting angry for "no reason", canceling plans, unable to work, can't keep up with responsibilities, can't go out in public, can't clean, or can't socialize, people get tired of you, ignore you, get mad at you, blame you for your symptoms, and don't want to be around you.

This also applies to physical and intellectual disabilities and chronic illness. For example, being able to walk. If a person in a wheelchair walks once in a while, they aren't "cured" or faking it or not trying hard enough, they're still disabled! Disabilities don't present in the same way every day. Some days I can go to an appointment and then clean for six hours and be absolutely fine, and some days, like today, simply opening an incorrect bill will trigger a severe and disabling meltdown for several hours. We have good days and bad days. We are trying harder than you can imagine. Please understand and be patient with us.

Nobody is faking their trauma or disability. Nobody is exaggerating their symptoms. Nobody is pretending as an excuse to avoid responsibility. We are doing the best we can. We need compassion and understanding from those around us. We're trying so hard. Every day is hard for us and we're doing our best. Please try to understand.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or experiences with us. We are here to support one another and lift each other up.

Thank you all!

#MultipleHealthChallenges #invisableillness #Depression #Anxiety #youarenotalone #mighty contributor #warriors #Fybromyalgia #Gastroparesis @moshe222mhc

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One thing after another

I have fibromyalgia plus rheumatoid arthritis, GERD and haitus hernia aswell as anxiety and depression.
I have recently been reffered to a neurologist as I have too much fluid around my brain so feel its just one thing after another.
Does any of you feel this way ? #Fybromyalgia #ChronicPain

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I could make an excuse for my late Happy V Day but to be honest, I always have set things to accomplish in a day and when whichever Your multiple health challenge is at the moment sends your train of thought right off the rails

Hope everyone enjoyed their day however anyone does and I am wishing and sending everyone virtual hugs for V Day.
#MultipleHealthChallenges #mightycontributor . #virtualhugs #gastropaersis #Fybromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #MightyPets #tobytyler #blessedtobeamember .

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Overwhelmed #Fybromyalgia #Anxiety #Arthritis

Today is a tough day.
I feel in horrendous pain which in turn is seriously affecting my mental health.
Plus looking after two young children im finding it a rough day.

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My health is a full time job because...

Unless you live with a health condition, it’s really hard to wrap your head around how much time actually goes into managing it on a daily basis. There are endless appointments, phone calls, tests, procedures, treatments, scheduled rest times, therapies, and hospital stays.

So we’re curious: What makes your health a full-time job? What aspect of your condition takes the most time to manage?

For me it's calls to and from the pharmacy going over prescriptions, which seems like 30 min every day. I take 15 different medications and although I have auto- refills they still call me every time something is up to be filled for that month. I feel like I'm also calling doctor’s back and forth about new refills for things that are running out, prioritization, appeals to insurance, then discussions about new med’s side effects… And I also research possible new meds and talk to other doctors, friends, patients, and pharmacists every time before I start to add a new med (or get off and old one)

#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #PTSD #ADHD #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDepression #ChronicFatigue #BackPain #Fybromyalgia #Asthma #PeripheralNeuropathy #Migraine #ChronicDailyHeadache #LymeDisease #RareDisease #COVID19 #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #DistractMe #MightyMinute #Cancer #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealthHero #Pain #Grief #PainAcceptance #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #relief #IfYouFeelHopeless #Hope #happy #Joy #smile

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Help me u derstand

Hello I have not been here in awhile. I for got about taking any time me. This I want use to ask a question, the left side of my body hurts. I feel I’m getting a big needle in my left arm off and on all the time. My has a men monster grabbing it (my grandkids say that). The doctor think I have sciatica the shots work for 2 weeks at a time. Has anyone ever gone throw this #Fybromyalgia

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New traditions and meaningful ones kept. Happy Holidays to all the Mighty’s!

This year new traditions were made while a select few remained. My Christmas Eve and day was filled with love, support for each other, and peace. It was spent with the woman that is my whole world, my mother as well as my best friend, biggest support, and nothing short of an amazing man, my cousin Dave. Low key and relaxing. I am truly grateful. How was your holiday? Share your traditions new and old, GP WARRIORS! 😁 #Gastroparesis #Fybromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #TheMighty #mightycontributor

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A battle with no name

The pain at times feels like a poison running through my veins, escaping into my muscles.
Like there are giant iron nails being driven through various parts of my body while random bones are randomly being sprained or broken throughout each day.
Like my body is being crushed but at the same time might explode at any minute.
Like my eyes are made of cement and my brain is made of mush with spikes as it slithers through my head.
At times it feels like my limbs are attempting to be ripped from my body.
Sometimes there is a tingling sensation like someone is pervertedly tickling my insides and it's an itch that can't be scratched but one that is so uncomfortable and painful you want to rip your skin open just to try to let it escape.
There is a lump in my throat that won't go away like something is trying to speak but it doesn't know what to say.
There is a never ending balloon of air that keeps a heavy weight upon my chest that uncontrollable belching will just not put to rest.
A sickness inside of me that tries to pry itself out with extreme nausea but it's just another thing that can't seem to escape this darkness inside of me that I want gone.
Sometimes I get stabbed in the back by my own body as well...
Sometimes I feel like it wants me dead but it's just unsure how to complete the mission... or perhaps it wants to see me struggle the slowest fight to my death.

There is no feeling safe within this body.
Every day is just another battle in a war I can't even name.

#Nerve and joint pain


Tonight I am grateful. I’m also smiling....😬

So tonight I signed into a Mighty event that I signed up for. The Chronic Illness Support Group. I haven’t taken advantage of these options yet on the site but I do know one thing, I will now.
I was wishy washy about logging in at first. It’s been one hell of a past two months now.
(Side note: I’m keeping it PG with my description of saying that it’s been one hell of a past two months... I’ll leave the description for it up to you lol)
To briefly sum it up, it has utterly, completely been a relentless and brutal two months on not just myself, my health and my brain, or what’s left of it, but my family as well.
My mind is somewhere....
At this point I’m going to assume it went AWOL. If found, do myself and the world a favor and don’t return it. I am requesting a new one. Along with a complete new body. Apparently they are presently OUT OF STOCK....figures 😣
I said screw it, and I logged in. Not only did I smile, I laughed, I felt connected and understood. Boy did I need that.
So, to the Chronic Illness Support Group, I want to thank you.
P.S. your stuck with me now. Bahahaha.
#Gastroparesis #Fybromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #ParkinsonsDisease #ChronicPain #themighyrocks #ThankYou