Dear Mighty: #Distract #mighty Events #exhaustion #Tinnutus #Fibromyalgia #TemporomandibularJointDisorders Me Please distract me from being in a Tinnitus and jaw pain flare from stress added by your Events page, which sent me excitedly driving off to meet a Beadwork Guild for the first Mighty- cosponsored #Events in my state....only to arrive at a noisy mall I avoid and it’s excruciatingly LOUD Food Court to find no such Event!!! I haven’t felt well the last few days and was extremely run down so I triple-checked my Ticket date and time and looked for cancellation emails. I was there right on time...but the group met the previous Sunday, as I only learned after calling and messaging the very nice owner. If you are going to sponsor events aimed at those of us for whom just going might require a few days’ worth of spoons- at the very least Get the Date Right!! Thanks for introducing me to the group, with whom I now know I can only meet if they go elsewhere!!!!!!!
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