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    Distraction Take 2 - I wanna know!

    I am still struggling like mad but wanna give this distraction thing another shot even though I don't have the energy to respond to messages or comments at the moment. Here goes:

    What is the major theme of the decor in your home? I am really interested in knowing your preferences when it comes to how you outfit your house.

    Mine is overwhelmingly coastal: seashore, nautical, and underwater.

    What is yours? I can't wait to read it and will respond to comments when I can.

    Thank you, loves. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #DistractMe #distraction #Distract #help

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    Fresh produce!

    #chronic pain,#chronic illnesses,#MH #lift me up,#mighty minute #Distract me
    Gardening provides me a distraction of all my ailments for awhile.
    I nurse the plants from seed to edible food. I spread crushed egg shells around the edges of the garden box to keep the slugs and snails away. No more freebies to snack on !


    Gratefulness for the mighty!

    #mighty minute, #Distract me, #lift me up
    I've been with the mighty via my email for at least a couple years now.
    Finding a safe place to be me! Chronically ill with daily and hourly challenges. Thanks to all the mighties here for their thoughts and support along the way!

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    Monday after Mother's Day

    #Distract me,#Anxiety ,#Depression ,#chronic pain,
    I spent the weekend in self care mode after 2 Dr appointments Friday morning.
    Today was pleasant and my caregiver was back. We took a walk. Cooked and cleaned.
    Pretty good day.
    I was in the mighty most the weekend cuz of Mother's Day and
    ugly memories for me. I got lots of support there.
    Thanks everyone!

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    Something new I came across and quickly fell for too. To me it's taken doodling to a whole new level and I can get lost for HOURS... #Distract Me #emotional Flashbacks #CPTSD #Childhood trauma survivor#GAD

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    I can't believe I did it!

    I pushed through and fought the absolutely terrible nerve pain in so many areas of my body last night, to make Friday night pizza and it was Delicious. So proud of my pain control/distraction🥰 #Pain , #Distract me,#pizza ,#Pride
    #Nerve pain, #chronic pain, #Sarcoidosis ,


    Extremely exhausted

    Practiced self care part of the day to prepare working on phone issues again. Don't understand all this tech stuff .
    Just ate last of my homemade split pea soup, tastes even better on second day.
    I have a friend coming over Sunday afternoon whose mom just got cancer diagnosis. Very tough time for my friend who's going to online college classes for social worker. I want to be able to help her through this. I need good thoughts for both my friend and her mom. As a cancer survivor I'm going to need positive energy to help them .
    #daily reflections and journal, #chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , #Bipolar , #Distract me, #check in with me, #Thought of the day
    Thanks mighties for being here.


    Thursday evening

    Tense times! Some people have to always be RIGHT! No attempt at correcting that belief, they hear nothing from anyone!
    #check in with me, #Distract me, #chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , ##Survivor , #fighter , #positethougtsofthe da,
    Rambling so going to sign off mighties. Take care and thanks for being here.

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    Saturday relaxing 😎

    Took a good walk early morning to several places and scored on coupons. Our weather in my part of Oregon is abnormally calm and fairly dry. Allowing me to get things done on my weekends even with out my caregiver.
    Drinking coffee with coconut milk and brown sugar for an awesome latte.
    I connected with someone last night that awesome in her story. Brought tears of joy n pain cuz so much rang true. for me.
    I'm a double Survivor
    Breast Cancer 17 yrs
    Rape several times

    #Bipolar #mighty together #Distract me #daily reflections and
    #fighter #caring ##forgiving #
    been using my coloring apps on my phone to distract and for grounding against flashbacks! I'm sjournalo glad I found the mighty. People that get it! That live it!
    Thank you mighties for being here.
    We ROCK ##positive thought of the day #Never iveUp #Fibromyalgia #


    Tuesday evening works

    #chronic pain #positive vibes#dsily reflections and journal,#52small things,#paperwork ##Distract me,#Music #coloring apps#Gratitude
    Grateful for a new day and for a walk to several stores n home. Visit with my MH peer support person who helped me get copies of paperwork to send away for heat assistance. We've been fortunate to have good weather so far and now gonna be December. We had clouds, sun and now cloudy again but no Rain yet.
    I did some chores but relaxed early today. I've been using my coloring apps on my phone as distraction and grounding. Calms me and I have a finished product that I can share with my friends. When I have power issues I have colored pencils and books .
    I made a salad of open romaine leaves, avacado, parmesan cheese, chicken, broccoli slaw and homemade BBQ sauce Yummy!
    Now relaxing on my bed with feet up in the air cuz oh my, they are achy breakup .
    Going to sign off for the day. Take care mighties!