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What Mental Health Apps :) like this one do you like to use?

Any recommendations? Thanks! Happy to not be alone in this wonderful community sending you all a bunch of love hugs and prayers your way whatever you may be going through I hope to send some energy and light to relieve some of that pain. All the best. Warm smiles and thoughts for all of you. Feel free to recommend some apps :) or resources that personally help you! #Anxiety #help #MentalHealth #WarmWishes #TisTheSeason #lookoutforeachother #Selflove #Apps #helpful

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Tis the season for #Headaches

Anyone noticing frequent headaches in winter? It's not that cold where I am, but I just can't shake it off. #TisTheSeason #accidentalTaylorSwift


Happy Holidays #TisTheSeason

I know there are quite a few that spend countless days, weeks, or months inside of a hospital room. I hope that your Holidays are full of love... I hope you get everything you asked for.. I hope you’re surrounded by people who care tremendously about you.. That if not everyday, that on your Holiday, you can forget even if it’s a little bit about where you are , you are a warrior, though we may not know each other, I am rooting for you! Happy Holidays and much, much love xoxo


Happy Holidays

I know some of you may be going through a rough patch during this holiday season but I just want to encourage you to hang in there. You can make it! Take the time out daily for self-love, whatever you need to do to feel better during the holidays “do it” and if you feel like doing nothing at all “do that”. It’s okay to do nothing, just don’t hang out there too long. If you have the energy go visit family and/or friends “you shouldn’t be alone”. Watch Christmas movies and surround yourself with seasonal music (it has a calming effect). I like to sit back with my coffee and just watch the lights twinkling on the tree with soft music playing. So whatever it takes to make it through this time of year, do it for you; after all, you’re all that matters. If you start feeling worse, take a time out but if you’re feeling like giving up, PLEASE don’t entertain that thought. Get help immediately. Call someone who will listen to you and if that’s not an option, call 911. Happy Holidays everyone. Be blessed with all that is good. We’re going to get through this season “no matter what” . Much love to you all.