I wonder if I’m struggling with #Guilt or feelings of #failure and what the difference is between those labels for me.

I’m supposed to be a #BossBabe during my full-time job, a #SuperMom at school pick-up, during homework, and bedtime, a #TopChef for dinner, a tiger in the bedroom...

But then people say “Oh, don’t forget to take time for yourself!” or “You can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself.”

Except a few hours of #selfcare isn’t enough when you’re drowning in depression and burning the wick at both ends with anxiety racing around constantly. A few DAYS isn’t enough. What then, huh? I can’t pause parenting. So I keep reaching into my empty cup and spilling out whatever I can. But it’s never enough.. I’m not a Supermom or a Top Chef and I’m too tired to be a tiger in the sack.

So I just feel crappy all the time that I’m not doing or being enough for my loved ones. There’s no joy there because it’s never enough. I know I could and should be doing more.

So— do I feel guilty about not doing enough? Or am I feeling like a failure at being what my loved ones need? Or is it the same thing?

And how do I turn it off?

#MomGuilt #Depression