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A phrase often used in the forgiveness process is "forgive and forget," but it’s not always that simple or easy, especially in complex and painful situations. What are your thoughts?

Choose one
27 days left
I think you need to forgive and forget to move on.
I think you can forgive, but not always forget.
I think some things are unforgivable.
I think forgiveness is a choice you make for yourself.
I’m not sure, I’ve never really thought about it!
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Choose one
21 days left
True, I seek help from a doctor or specialist
True, I seek help from my therapist
Both, I’ve sought help before but it wasn’t helpful
Both, I would reach out if I knew who to talk to
False, I manage better on my own
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Choose one
20 days left
Yes, I love to dress up 👗 👔
Meh, it’s not that important to me 🤷
It depends on the occasion 🤔
Absolutely not. Comfy clothes for life! 👀
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Select all that apply
18 days left
Asking for help when I need it
Sticking to a routine or schedule
Exercising or moving my body
Taking my medication
Going outside or getting fresh air
Tracking my symptoms
Keeping up with my hobbies
Maintaining my relationships with friends or family
Spiritual or religious practices
Other (share in comments!)
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Childhood SHOULD be an optimal part of life where nurture, care, and love support our growth and development. But hard childhoods can shape adulthood quite differently. What was your experience?

Choose one
18 days left
Very nurturing, I always felt loved
Somewhat nurturing, more good than bad
I got my basic needs met, but that’s it
Not nurturing at all, I lived in survival mode
I took care of myself and carry a lot of trauma
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Select all that apply
11 days left
Time for yourself to relax 🌹
Community and support 🫂
Energy and motivation 🔋
Helpful resources to cope 📋
Sunlight and time outside 🌤
A comforting distraction 🎧
Quality time with family and friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Other (share what you need in the comments below 💌)
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Trying new things means discovering a new side to ourselves. What if we try and we’re REALLY good? Then there’s the flip side: putting ourselves out there only to fail. What are your thoughts?

Choose one
11 days left
True, trying new things is how I learn
False, I really don’t like the feeling of failure
Both, depends on what I’m trying + how I’m feeling
Neither, I’m not a fan of trying new things
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Choose one
10 days left
🕊️ What has benefited your health the most in 2023?
🦜 Name 5 things you are grateful for right now.
🦋 I want to learn to get better at...
🦩 What are your top priorities this week?
🦉 Free write! Share what's on your mind.
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Select the emoji that matches your experience best:

Choose one
9 days left
🧼 Cleaning or other household chores
🚴‍♀️ Exercise
💝 Mental and emotional health
🤝 Maintaining relationships
💼 Work or school
😴 Sleeping
🍳 Cooking and eating
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Drop your reasoning in the comments below!

Choose one
6 days left
A sloth 🦥
A cheetah 🐆
An eagle 🦅
A unicorn 🦄
A shark 🦈
A mammoth 🦣
A monkey 🐒
A lion 🦁
Other (share your own animal below!) ⬇️
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