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What kind of day are you having so far? If your choice is not here then leave it in the comment section.

Select all that apply
20 hours left
I Feel Empty
I'm so depressed
I'm so lonely
I'm in Emotional Pain
I'm in Physical Pain
I need a vacation
I miss my parents / siblings
I need a job! So broke!
I'm so Angry Right Now!

Select all that apply
27 days left
🚿 Taking a shower/bath
🪥 Brushing my teeth
🏥 Going to a doctor's appointment
🌳 Getting fresh air
🚗 Completing a chore or errand
🏋️ Moving your body
🤝 Helping and supporting others
🛏️ Getting out of bed
⏰ Making time for self-care
⁉️ Other (what did we miss?!)
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Select all that apply
22 days left
🌈 My favorite color is...
🍕 My favorite food is...
🧳 The best vacation I ever went on was...
⭐️ When I was a kid, I wanted to be...
🏆 I am known for...
🔒 My secret, hidden talent is...
🙂 All I need is _____ to be happy.
😡 My biggest pet peeve is...
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Select all that apply
19 days left
Sandy feet
Fresh slices of watermelon or wild strawberries
Car rides with the windows down
Big sunglasses and floppy hats
A tall glass of iced tea or lemonade
Warm nights and fireflies
Bees + hummingbirds bobbing from flower to flower
Outdoor naps at the beach or poolside
Reading in the shade (or in a hammock!)
Melting popsicles and ice cream cones
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This topic has always fascinated me as a chronically ill person whose life revolves around medication dosages and side effects. I sometimes forget that not everyone (especially those who are non-disabled) has to live that way or take prescriptions into consideration!

Choose one
15 days left
Every day, multiple times a day
Every day, only in the morning
Every day, only in the evening
Only when I need it
I do not take any medication at all
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Setting priorities can be tricky when there are so many things to keep track of and consider on any given day, especially when your health has other plans. (P.S. Remember: It’s totally OK if some things get overlooked sometimes, the important thing is to figure out how you can incorporate that need in the future!)

Select all that apply
15 days left
🧽 Housework
🧶 Time for fun and hobbies
👯‍♂️ Maintaining friendships
🏁 Pursuing my goals
😴 Consistent self-care
🛁 Personal hygiene
💰 Budgeting and financial health
🙏 Fostering my faith
✋ Protecting and reinforcing my boundaries
🧐 Other (share with us below!)
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Id love feedback on what's most helpful to you as far as what I post and how to get the group to be more interactive.

Select all that apply
10 days left
Post one topic per week. That way we can soak it in!
Post something different every day. Spice it up!
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This one goes out to every Mighty who's nursing a broken heart right now. I see you and I love you. I always try and believe that it gets better. 🥰

Select all that apply
9 days left
☎️ Connect with loved ones
😴 Get rest when I can
🎵 Find a soothing distraction
👋 Help someone else in need
🎨 Express how you feel creatively
📱 Avoid excessive doomscrolling
🔎 Seek out help and support
🛀 Do what relaxes me
🙏 Focus on what I'm thankful for
➕ Other (share in the comments!)
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You are all capable of great, big things; and you're worthy of arms-wide-open joy.

Select all that apply
8 days left
Embrace new beginnings with hope and curiosity.
Trust my gut to guide me down the right path.
Seek out new approaches to old problems.
Speak to myself like I would to a friend.
Communicate openly and honestly with others.
Prioritize my mental health as much as possible.
Prioritize my physical health as much as possible.
Accept what I don't know as I continue learning.
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Select all that apply
6 days left
Write or journal
Read a book
Watch my favorite TV show or movie
Spend time with family or friends
Practice mindfulness or meditate
Craft or work on a creative project
Set aside time for person hygiene (shower/bath/wash hair)
Sit outside or enjoy time in nature
Exercise or move my body in some way
Other (share in comments!)
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