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Gendered Mental Health

What are the usual first reactions to someone in a state of crisis due to depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.? Well women are looked upon as irrational, overly emotional attention seekers. Men are often viewed as weak, insecure, unstable. Why do we have these gender divides in mental illness, and how can we combat them?

The general idea between stigmas a stereotype is that we “allow” our emotions to control us. This is part of the conversation we need to start. We do not allow or accept that our emotions control us. They heavily motivate us but most everyone I have talked to has found their largest struggle is to fight that fact that our emotions are trying to steer the ship and we are battling for the wheel. I have lost many friends due to the perception of weakness as being an adult male with a slew of psychiatric disorders. Good riddance! I spent too many years of my life trying to please others by acting how they expected “men” are to conduct themselves.

No longer do I subscribe to the hyper-masculinity expect of me from society. I am not looking for sympathy or attention; I am agoraphobic the last thing I want is to be the centre of attention. Women must be awarded the same respect, an emotional woman is not an irrational woman, and they are not “acting” to seek attention. We are all suffering, and we must start the conversation to break the Stigmas and a Stereotypes associated with mental illness. We are in this together, and we have strength in number. So Unite!

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