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Painted crafts 🎨

When I’m feeling up to it, I enjoy painting as part of my #Selfcare routine. I just did these yesterday.

Loved the solitude of sitting at the kitchen table, listening to podcasts as I worked on these.



I started a #Blog about my #journey

I started a blog as a therapeutic outlet and didn’t know if anyone would be interested in reading it. If my story or posts can help someone that’d be wonderful. Or maybe if you can relate. Just throwing it out there if anyone is interested or if you starting your own blog might help you like it’s helped me ❤️
#MultipleSclerosis #BehcetsDisease #Arthritis #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #unicorn #Therapy #Outlet



No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else

I was asked about what some blood test were, and what they meant.

And I hated how the knowledge came so easy to me.
How without an ounce of medical training.
I knew all about immature granulocytes, creatine levels, inflammation markers and hemoglobins.

And then right after that we talked about my upcoming surgery.

I found myself longing for a life I most likely will never have.
A life of stressing for finals.. going to work. Going out with friends without a second thought of how badly your body is going to regret this.. and hoping they actually do something you physically can do.
Not having to literally carry a pharmacy on every date you go on.
And doing all the things the average person gets to do.

Instead of being chronically ill.
Knowing all this information because of YEARS of fighting a malfunctioning murderous body.

Envy has filled my heart as I’ve scrolled through Facebook and seeing what seems to be EVERYONES normal lives.

( I know they have there issues.. but most people it atleast doesn’t hurt every time they move.. or breathe.. and they don’t feel like they are constantly sea sick.. along with the plethora of other symptoms I have (Insert pathetic personal pity party here )

But then as I was scrolling in Envy.
I came across this quote
“ No one has made a difference by being like everyone else”

And it reminded me.. that my illness. And The things that make me different.
Give me a whole new perspective on life. ( I’ve got to experience life in a way that most people in there 20s will never experience )

And that. Has the possibility to turn my struggles. Into my super power.

And if you look at the things you struggle with.
They have the ability to do the same.

#smileon 🐷 #thegreatestshowmen #sickchickstrong #Spoonie #ldsblogger #beYOUtiful #ChronicIllness #unicorn #MightyTogether