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#Selfcare #selfadvocate #youareworthy #Bipolar 1 #GAD #useyourtools

Hello Mightiest! I’ve been away here and there,but, I’m back with so so many things to share; to ask!!! (My self-care is telling me K.I.S.S.)😀
This quote caught my eye: “ There is sufffering, or, being interested in how your mind works.” Sounds harsh, but I get it. I am forever grateful that many many decades ago, my mind decided for me that I would find myself one day. No clue how but somewhere along the line I became fascinated with how our brains work & how our minds work. I am grateful that, as the quote says , I was “…interested in how your mind works.”
For someone to suffer with “hidden” chronic mental health issues and not be aware of what’s happening——-devastating.
THE MIGHTY has been HUGE in my life; gobsmacked when I first stumbled across it.
Give yourself some love, because you’ve checked into The Mighty, which shows you care about yourself!
Happy First Day Of 🍂 Autumn!

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#guidedmeditations #goodmedicine #useyourtools

When I find a guided meditation that GRABS me, I keep a notebook and pen next to me and jot down affirmations, inspirations and some of the most powerful messages I’ve ever heard. Today’s meditation was the #goodmedicine I needed today. I keep the notebook near my bed and glance at the messages and affirmations. Definitely #goodmedicine ! Does anyone else do this?😃