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Doing better.

A couple days ago I had my first panic attack. It was definitely the most scared I had ever been. I barely slept, no idea how I made it through my work day yesterday.

My thoughts were constantly focusing on me being alone and how it was only going to get worse and worse. I was so reluctant to reach out. But if you need a push to do so please do. I obviously got this app. I am lucky enough to have some good family members that I am staying with for a bit. I also reached out to people that I hadn’t talked to in awhile or not about these things. I pushed through me being nervous or feeling like a burden, and worthless thoughts and I am feeling better.

Here is a reminder, yes it can be scary, yes it does not solve the entire thing. But there are people who care so much about you even if you don’t realize it.

You are not worthless. You are not alone. You have so much unrealized value.

This message is for me as much as anyone else. #PanicAttacks #Support #youareworthy

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I was reading here on the mighty about acceptance and it got me thinking....overthinking in fact, so much so that I wrote a poem about it. It’s not great but I hope it gives comfort to some of you who feel like you can’t be accepted for who you are.

Accept yourself

Acceptance and love people claim comes from above..

Yet when it comes to it is “acceptance” in most instances real?

Is it some fictions phrase or is it something YOU feel?

Is it something you really need from anyone else?

Or is it something we can give to ourself?

Can you come and put this on for size??

With most people they say they “accept” you but that’s only lies..

What then is true acceptance?

Is it love? Unconditionally provided to you? it something else worth working to?

Because you can and will..Find others’ acceptance still..

The true kind..the kind you’d always wished you’d find..

For now just work on yourself..

That is true acceptance

So put the nasty opinions of others back on the shelf..where they belong!

You only need acceptance from yourself because YOU are strong! - a short poem by camron botha

#Poetry #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Selfacceptance #ADHD #overthinking #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #MightyPoets #Selflove #Youarestrong #LoveYouMore #loveyourself #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ChronicFatigue #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #Abuse #youareworthy

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Your feelings are valid and worthy. #TreatmentresistantDepression #TRD #youmatter

I’ve been dealing with many difficult issues lately. One thing that makes it extremely difficult is when people make it seem like my voice doesn’t matter. Always stand up for yourself. Your feelings are yours and they are worthy of respect and understanding. #youareworthy

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#Selfcare #selfadvocate #youareworthy #Bipolar 1 #GAD #useyourtools

Hello Mightiest! I’ve been away here and there,but, I’m back with so so many things to share; to ask!!! (My self-care is telling me K.I.S.S.)😀
This quote caught my eye: “ There is sufffering, or, being interested in how your mind works.” Sounds harsh, but I get it. I am forever grateful that many many decades ago, my mind decided for me that I would find myself one day. No clue how but somewhere along the line I became fascinated with how our brains work & how our minds work. I am grateful that, as the quote says , I was “…interested in how your mind works.”
For someone to suffer with “hidden” chronic mental health issues and not be aware of what’s happening——-devastating.
THE MIGHTY has been HUGE in my life; gobsmacked when I first stumbled across it.
Give yourself some love, because you’ve checked into The Mighty, which shows you care about yourself!
Happy First Day Of 🍂 Autumn!

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Walking on the Bridge with No End

Raise your hands if you have ever felt like you’re walking through a phase of your life that has no end in sight.

Have you ever become overwhelmed with the thought that you’ll have to deal with *this* for the rest of your life?

I’ve been feeling that way lately. With my depression, I often feel like there’s no end in sight and I’ll never be happy again.

Join me in working hard to remember that we can find relief, we deserve rest, and there is a break in sight if we keep hanging on. Don’t give up on yourself, you are WORTH IT!

#youareworthy #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmotivation #MentalHealthAmerica #MentalHealthHero #anxiety #Depression #ptsd #youvegotthis #feeling #emotionalhealth #Love #Selfcare

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I know what it's like... so this is how I want to help...

We all know that the only people who truly understand & care about how we are, are the ones who have to struggle with the same torture as we do. I know how it feels to be so close to the edge of just ending all the pain, & being pulled back in for some reason... but I'm still here... So I've decided that I would like to start something not very common. So I need yalls help. If you're scrolling through the Mighty. & you see someone post a thought or a question and it seems like they are having a bad episode, I would love for anyone to message me and give me that person's name or username. I have a Playlist of a bunch of songs that help me cope at times, and I want to make a video of me singing a hopefully encouraging song for that person. So follow me please! I know what it's like... #singforthebroken #youareworthy #mentalwarriors

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Taking Care of YOU is PRODUCTIVE! #rest #Selfcare #Selflove

Let yourself rest and take care of yourself and give yourself time to allow space for rest and joy and don’t let capitalism fool you into thinking you are only worthy when you are productive! Yes it is good to accomplish goals and tasks but don’t let that define your worth! Remember that looking after yourself and taking good care of yourself IS productive and IS important! #youareworthy #reminder #MentalHealth