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#Selfcare #selfadvocate #youareworthy #Bipolar 1 #GAD #useyourtools

Hello Mightiest! I’ve been away here and there,but, I’m back with so so many things to share; to ask!!! (My self-care is telling me K.I.S.S.)😀
This quote caught my eye: “ There is sufffering, or, being interested in how your mind works.” Sounds harsh, but I get it. I am forever grateful that many many decades ago, my mind decided for me that I would find myself one day. No clue how but somewhere along the line I became fascinated with how our brains work & how our minds work. I am grateful that, as the quote says , I was “…interested in how your mind works.”
For someone to suffer with “hidden” chronic mental health issues and not be aware of what’s happening——-devastating.
THE MIGHTY has been HUGE in my life; gobsmacked when I first stumbled across it.
Give yourself some love, because you’ve checked into The Mighty, which shows you care about yourself!
Happy First Day Of 🍂 Autumn!

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#psychopharmacology #selfadvocate #emotional /psychologicalabuse

I recently had my first appointment with a nationally reknowned psych nurse. Approx 15 years ago I began psych meds. Like many others, I placed blame on myself for side effects. NOW I’m told my original diagnoses were off; I have a new diagnoses and new meds. So many details I wish I could write; one thing to note, those 15 years were hell!

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How do you respond to people who are convinced they have the one 'cure' you haven't tried?

It seems to happen everytime I post anything on any of my personal social media pages about chronic pain or chronic illness and it really rubs me the wrong way.

People (and this one woman in particular is very persistent) seem to think that all I need is the one thing they're selling or promoting to get better.

I feel like they dont understand the meaning of the word chronic. I also feel its very ignorant of them to presume that I am not trying to do everything I can to cope.

I really dont know how to respond. My immediate reaction is frustration--however Im a big believer that we all need to be a little kinder and more compassionate even when people dont deserve it.

This one person though keeps implying that this product she sells is a cure all and sends me messages every time I post anything. Her messages basically say that I must not want to get better and that Im just creating or dramatizing my pain without wanting help. Ive tried responding to her politely but she just ignores what I say and repeats that 'when im ready to get better' the solution is there. Its so discouraging.

#ChronicFatigue #selfadvocate #ignoranceisnotinnocence #everyonethinkstheyhavetheanswer #stereotyped #stigmatized #nooneunderstands #Fibro #BrainFog #BrainInjury