Anxiety is weird I can be happy and bubbly or funny and having the best time of my life and then sometimes I just crash and have way too many intrusive or negative thoughts, bad self esteem, body image, depression, anxiety attacks or panic attacks. And just bawling my eyes out.

I’m happy for the highs and the lows I’m thankful for both I know they are a part of life. Sometime I question if I’m bipolar or something else too, but I don’t quite fit the criteria, I just think I have too move going on and overwhelmed sometimes but I’m trying my best to be happy while validating my emotions and crying when I need to let it out.

Anyone else feel like they are such an oxymoron in the sense that sometimes I can perfectly relate to my anxiety disorder and other times

It’s like wow I hide it really well, while other times I don’t at all. I Guess it’s normal
We are more than our illness or diagnosis it be physical or mental health or both.

But guess just funny how it works sometimes.

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