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    × " What Are Your Best Qualitie's... That You Have That Nobody See's Within You " × #Topic #Curious

    × " My Best Qualitie's Are Willingness.. To Help Other's In Need... To Be Kind And Nice... I Love So Hard... That I Really Wear My Pure Big Heart On My Bleeding .... Sleeve's... And Try To Channel All The Hurt And Pain Away In Piece's By Doing Good Thing's " ×▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎ #Topic #Curious

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    × " Here's A Question.. Do You Believe In " Twinflame's " × " Soulmate's " × #Curious #Thought 's

    × " I Have Alway's Thought That.. This Wasn't True But I Guess It Is.. In Someway.. I Have Only Had One Long-Term Relationship/Marriage... Yeah I Know Lame.. And I Need To Get Out More. But I Believe That These Word's That People Use To Discuss Partner's Etc... Is Not Real.. Thier's No Way One Person Is Your Actual True Love Etc. Maybe That's Why People Cheat Because One Partner Is Not Enough.. Or They Might Need To Feed Thier Huge Ego.. Or Something.. Meh You Know's One Will Never Understand Why People Hurt One Another... " × #Curious #Thoughts ☆ S. K. ☆

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    × " I Have Been Wondering... If I Should Do A D.N.A Test On Myself To See If I'm Unique " × #Thought 's

    × " Like Some Of My Sister Has Done It. And My Ex Has Done It. I've Been Curious Ever Since I Was Born... I Strongly Have Been Feeling That I'm Diffrent... And Plus I Have Just Watched A Documentary Called " Our Father " On Netflix. But I Have Been Wanting To Do This Since I Was 18 Year's Old. But I'm Scared To Do It... Because Companie's Can Sell Your D.N.A Etc... I Just Don't Know I'm Curious Though ?¿ S.I.G.H ?¿... " × Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆ #Curious #Thought 's

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Why is your favorite color, your favorite color?

    Mines green, it's almost as if the color itself feels connected to me. #why #Curious #DistractMe

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    does anyone else’s mood change up within a couple hours? or is it just me? I could think of something that would make my heart feel so heavy and my eyes swell with tears but then after a couple hours that feeling is gone and I don’t even remember being sad. #Curious #Depression #Anxiety

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    Sharing pictures

    New to the site and I was wondering how you go about sharing pictures on here I've seen others doing it. #Curious #Pictures

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    Does anyone else name the bad voice in their head? #Dailystruggle #Curious #Battle

    That voice that is truly cruel to you (to the point where it can be terrifying) when you’re having an episode/attack or even just doing nothing?
    Mine is Cora the C word, after one of the main villains from the show once upon a time

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    As a chronically ill person, do you think it’s important to have other chronically ill friends? #Curious #ChronicIllness

    I struggle to find friends that understand me. I really want the opinion of others on this question. Be honest.

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