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    ° " So I Might Definitely Have Arthritis In My Whole Body " ° #Curious #Thought 's

    ° " My Entire Body Is Alway's In Massive Pain Flare's Especially In My Lower Back My Hand's And Mostly My Feet... I Can Barely Get Out Of Bed To Go To Work... My Hand's Are Getting Very Painful Especially Around My Wrist's Area.. And When I Do Finally Relax I Can't Sit Down Much It's Uncomfortable For My Lower Back And Feet... I'm Alway's Swollen And Warm To The Touch Everywhere... And I Definitely Feel The Rough Wear And Tear All Over My Body... Gee I Feel Like I'm 80... But I'm Only 38.. F.M.L Right Now I'm Trying To Find Health Insurance That's Affordable... So Far No Luck... This Crap Is Annoying To Do Jumping Threw All Kind's Of Hoop's By The Time I Get Approved I Will Be Dead... " ° Sincerely, # Thought's ○●○SKAOI KVITRAVN○●○

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    Anyone else have a Driving Phobia, Driving Anxiety ?

    And how to not judge yourself for it?
    #Driving #scared #wanttoimprove #Anxiety #Fear #alone #Curious #Support #shsme #Empathy

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    Hi everyone :) what do you love most about the Mighty?

    A little distraction post and gratitude on this wonderful app and community online. #Curious #TheMighty #appreciateit #grateful #Wondering #WhatHelpsYou #Comment #like #enjoy #selfhelp

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    × " ☆ Is It Possible To Have 2 Identifiable Lable's " ☆#Curious #LGBTQIA +

    × " The Indentifiable One's That I Really Relate To Are ☆" ASEXUAL "☆ ♤"DEMISEXUAL"♤.. So I Hope It's OK To Have Two Identified Piece's That Fit Me And Make Me More Confident In Who I'am Becoming.. I Personally Don't Wish To Offend Anyone.. I'm At A Curious Stage.. But Positive In The Way's That I Feel Within Myself.. I'am More Confident In Experiencing More Along This Journey " × #confident #happy ☆☆▪︎SKADI▪︎☆☆ #question 's #Thought 's


    × " What Are Your Best Qualitie's... That You Have That Nobody See's Within You " × #Topic #Curious

    × " My Best Qualitie's Are Willingness.. To Help Other's In Need... To Be Kind And Nice... I Love So Hard... That I Really Wear My Pure Big Heart On My Bleeding .... Sleeve's... And Try To Channel All The Hurt And Pain Away In Piece's By Doing Good Thing's " ×▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎ #Topic #Curious


    × " Here's A Question.. Do You Believe In " Twinflame's " × " Soulmate's " × #Curious #Thought 's

    × " I Have Alway's Thought That.. This Wasn't True But I Guess It Is.. In Someway.. I Have Only Had One Long-Term Relationship/Marriage... Yeah I Know Lame.. And I Need To Get Out More. But I Believe That These Word's That People Use To Discuss Partner's Etc... Is Not Real.. Thier's No Way One Person Is Your Actual True Love Etc. Maybe That's Why People Cheat Because One Partner Is Not Enough.. Or They Might Need To Feed Thier Huge Ego.. Or Something.. Meh You Know's One Will Never Understand Why People Hurt One Another... " × #Curious #Thoughts ☆ S. K. ☆


    × " I Have Been Wondering... If I Should Do A D.N.A Test On Myself To See If I'm Unique " × #Thought 's

    × " Like Some Of My Sister Has Done It. And My Ex Has Done It. I've Been Curious Ever Since I Was Born... I Strongly Have Been Feeling That I'm Diffrent... And Plus I Have Just Watched A Documentary Called " Our Father " On Netflix. But I Have Been Wanting To Do This Since I Was 18 Year's Old. But I'm Scared To Do It... Because Companie's Can Sell Your D.N.A Etc... I Just Don't Know I'm Curious Though ?¿ S.I.G.H ?¿... " × Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆ #Curious #Thought 's

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    What cheers YOU up on an “off” day? #question #Positivity #Curious #Cat

    I’ll go first… Anything outside! I live in Beautiful British Columbia Canada 🇨🇦 and I LOVE where I live! Walking, hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, picking mushrooms, exploring new places around me. ANYTHING in the Pacific Ocean! And turtles! 🐢 Anything turtles. Just. Turtles. Period.

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    Doggone interesting #Laugh #Animals

    Wondering why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They're both dogs 🐕! Just curious 🤔. And on something totally unrelated. Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? Doesn’t matter. Just curious 🤔. #Curious