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#Medication and You - Do You Get Scared to Take It?

I was browsing around, even though my last post said I’d be logging off, and so far I couldn’t find a topic similar to me.

Ever since I had an episode of losing consciousness once and the other times of feeling hypoglycemic during certain times of the day, I am now scared to take all my medication. It doesn’t help that I feel…

• guilt
• scared
• worried
• apprehensive
• aware that I need to
• I want to, but I don’t
• struggling with myself

Has anyone ever #experiencedthis ? #Curious #pleasedontjudge #firsttimeiask


How to know if you fall on ADHD/ ADD spectrum or just personality/ bad habits?

Recently I’m noticing my lack of being able to stay on task be easily distracted not very motivated, super disorganized, etc might be potentially something else? Personally I’ve always thought 💭 it’s just a personality trait and bad habits I have to work on, helps when I turn off my phone or try to limit distractions but even then it’s really hard to get a lot done, I’m horrible at time management and using the day to the fullest. It’s hard to know whether it’s my normal or if maybe I do have some symptoms or overlap of adhd/ add?

I’ve only been diagnosed with chronic anxiety/ depression. But I know sometimes people can have multiple disorders.
I know only a psychiatrist or doctor etc can know, but guess just wanted to ask any tips if even if you can be low functioning, high functioning, or low on the symptoms / spectrum if you can still be diagnosed.

I feel some symptoms or signs I’m high on and others I rank low so it’s hard to know if it does apply to me or I just have to work on these areas and it’s just tech brain
🧠 bad habits developed or so on.

Thanks for any advice! Maybe I’ll try out some online tests to see how I rank, and eventually ask a psychiatrist or person if I can find one with all the wait lists.

I guess maybe Im scared to develop any more disorders when I already have a heard enough time coping with mine. But if I do have something it’s better to learn how to treat it than ignore it. Or even if I’m not diagnosed or apply to having add or adhd

But could benefit from cbt or techniques people use to cope with similar symptoms or struggles I have? Thanks for any comments!? Guess I somewhat notice it but have had it since my teens so I figure it’s just a part of my character, hard to know if it’s something else or not. #ADHD #ADD #neurodiverse #Brain #Curious #New #mighty #Advice #help #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Tips #CBT #psychology #counselling #Comments #yourexperience #thanks #confused #coping #struggling

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How do you cope when you’re super happy and then suddenly a bad thought makes you depressed?

Had a bunch of fun today went to cat shelter to volunteer, went for a super long walk like 1 h or 1h 30 mins kind of. Hung out with a friend at the cat shelter 🐱 and then went to get some yummy Korean type of food at Krunch Chiken or something it’s called. Then went kayaking with my mom and dad even though they fight a lot lol. It was fun and really peaceful with the beautiful nature, I’m usually not this active at all but then suddenly one bad thought 💭 or one little thing kinda snaps you from all of that, I guess cuz im a little stressed out about all the to do things I need to do these few weeks and trying to get on top of it and not procrastinate etc.

But im trying I guess maybe I feel scared like oh im too happy and not anxious or depressed lately and something bad will happen and take it all away, or it’s too good to be true and soon I’ll be worse again. Idk I guess it’s hard you can’t always be happy or calm and it’s ok to accept sad emotions too it’s a balance of it all.

#Nature #Depression #Walk #hike #negativity #Positivity #post #Blog #Curious #Mindfulness #Grattitude #Family #Trying #Recovery

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Anyone wish they were less emotional?

I love being an empathetic person and a highly sensitive person but sometimes the way society can judge us
As being too sensitive or weak
Is hard
We are strong in our own way, sometimes it’s tough though if I really need to cry I do

But I guess at times I kind of envy people who can seem more cold or stoic/ so called “stronger”

I wouldn’t change how I am but at times can be draining or feel like a gift and a curse. But I know just learning to cope with it better is best

#Emotions #emotional #hard #lovemyself #sensitive #Shame #Trying #HSP #Curious #personalities #interested #dontknow #easierbetter #Anxiety #Depression

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Anxiety is weird

Anxiety is weird I can be happy and bubbly or funny and having the best time of my life and then sometimes I just crash and have way too many intrusive or negative thoughts, bad self esteem, body image, depression, anxiety attacks or panic attacks. And just bawling my eyes out.

I’m happy for the highs and the lows I’m thankful for both I know they are a part of life. Sometime I question if I’m bipolar or something else too, but I don’t quite fit the criteria, I just think I have too move going on and overwhelmed sometimes but I’m trying my best to be happy while validating my emotions and crying when I need to let it out.

Anyone else feel like they are such an oxymoron in the sense that sometimes I can perfectly relate to my anxiety disorder and other times

It’s like wow I hide it really well, while other times I don’t at all. I Guess it’s normal
We are more than our illness or diagnosis it be physical or mental health or both.

But guess just funny how it works sometimes.

#generalizedanxiety #AnxietyDisorder #weitd #funny #interesting #Thoughts #Curious #whatsboutyou

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° " So I Might Definitely Have Arthritis In My Whole Body " ° #Curious #Thought 's

° " My Entire Body Is Alway's In Massive Pain Flare's Especially In My Lower Back My Hand's And Mostly My Feet... I Can Barely Get Out Of Bed To Go To Work... My Hand's Are Getting Very Painful Especially Around My Wrist's Area.. And When I Do Finally Relax I Can't Sit Down Much It's Uncomfortable For My Lower Back And Feet... I'm Alway's Swollen And Warm To The Touch Everywhere... And I Definitely Feel The Rough Wear And Tear All Over My Body... Gee I Feel Like I'm 80... But I'm Only 38.. F.M.L Right Now I'm Trying To Find Health Insurance That's Affordable... So Far No Luck... This Crap Is Annoying To Do Jumping Threw All Kind's Of Hoop's By The Time I Get Approved I Will Be Dead... " ° Sincerely, # Thought's ○●○SKAOI KVITRAVN○●○

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