I struggle with bipolar disorder. Recently I went around 10ish days without my meds (mood stabilizer, antidepressant, anxiety med). I'm back on track but I know it'll take at least 2-3 weeks to get back on track.

Right now, I'm manic. And my God does it feel amazing. I feel upbeat and productive. I feel like I can take any problem. I feel excited about life.

But I also can't keep still. I'm extra loud, talking extra fast, extra extra extra. I've gotten things done but they aren't the important things - like cleaning, or my job (I work from home).

I know eventually I'll be ok again, and honestly I look forward to that. But in the meantime (at least for the next few days, because the downswing almost always comes) I'm burning the candle at both ends. It rocks, but it also sucks.

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