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I’m leaving my job #Selfpreservation #workplaceabuse #Selfcare #survival #minority #CowdenSyndrome

I’m leaving my job at the end of the week and it’s scary . It’s scary and sad how abusive the work environment has become since I started working there two kids and three surgeries ago. It’s also frightening how I did not realize how hellish it had become till I was on medical leave. Now I’m doing my two weeks. I’m back to drinking which I had not felt the urge to do the entire time I wasn’t working. It’s taking time to emotionally disentangle like an abusive boyfriend. But thank god the process has begun this is a scary but hopeful time


Reclaiming Life from Workplace Abuse - Part 1

I’m a survivor of workplace abuse, an endemic problem that is plaguing the 21st century workplace. People are faced with more incidents of workplace abuse, causing them to develop mental illnesses, low self esteem, and even worse outcomes such as self harm and suicidal thoughts, and ideations. People have died as a result of suicide due to workplace abuse.

Workplace abuse is common, with more than 50 percent of workers reporting their experiences. It is found in all kinds of organisations and industries, and is often the consequence of massively toxic individuals, harmful policies and a lack of interest in the wellbeing of staff.

It is equally important to remember that workplace abuse exists across all levels of hierarchy, and affects everyone in an organisation. It isn’t a singular issue or problem, but an endemic one that is in need of addressing more commonly.

Before we commence, the important step to take is to reduce workplace abuse in all its’ forms.