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Bipolar Winter #BipolarDisorder

I can never be sure if winter is an enemy or ally of the Bipolar mind warriors.
Weather has a profound influence on those with mood and sleep disorders. Especially concerning for those who linger on the depressive side of the spectrum.
That's what does it I think.
But more importantly I wonder is daylight savings time. What a crock of shit.
Essentially, those with time zone issues while traveling get to further be dazzled by the powers that be without even leaving their homes.
Still. The night time is the right time. That's what always calls me. and we're talking 16-18 hours of it.
So good or bad? There's the rub.
For the unwavering calls enticing me to climb aboard the mania train are strong.
They call me to join the angel-headed hipsters, insomniacs and workaholics whose minds dance freely in the night yearning for more and fitful in their reverie.
We are restless and hungry. Seeking soulful sanguinary relief of the miserable fallacies bombarding our hearts as we sift the gulge of information.
It's vast and ever-growing mountain only sky-rockets as the machine chimes up and regurgitates forgotten, misread and scrambled messages breeding hate and xenophobia.
Stop propagating the drivel-drawn drops of nonsense scribbled out in rushed crayon scratch.


How has racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia affected you and your fight with #Depression or #Suicide ? #MightyDiverseVoices

I feel like we don't talk about this enough. We are living in an increasingly hostile world where difference is not accepted or barely tolerated or treated with violence. How does this affect you and your daily life? #AloneTogether #MightyQuestions #MightyDiverseVoices