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Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life #Inspiration #Sharing #hopingtohelp

The picture on my post was something that I put together about 3 years ago. I was extremely unhappy with everything in my life. It seemed that everything I was doing was pointless and nothing was worthwhile. Then I put my feelings down on paper and posted it on social media (to this day I have no idea why or what I was expecting). The post was shared on pages and I woke up to 100’s of messages from strangers simply saying “thank you”. I was flabbergasted! I had made a positive impact on someone else’s life by doing nothing but sharing my thoughts. It gave me a boost too, and I was able to slowly get my head together. Remember, you’re not alone and a problem shared, is a problem halved 👌 #sharedproblems #yourenotalone #wevegotthis #Youvefallenbutyoucanriseagain #youvegotthis

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YOU ARE NOT ALONE #youarenotalone #disturbed #theressomeonethere4you #areasontofight #dontgiveup #theresstillareasontofight #Iwontgiveupsodontgivein #Youvefallenbutyoucanriseagain

When you’re feeling alone, lost and don’t want live. Remember you’re not alone there’s others out there who feel the same. There’s help and people you can talk to who understand and will listen.