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Inspirational #MentalHealth #Depression #Inspiration

My Wife spoke very well at our service today. And you can watch me being silly at the pre-service lobby time.

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Quotable Quotes I am worthy of blooming at my own pace Thank you @themightystaff and my dear followers I appreciate you all #Inspiration #MentalHealth #CheerMeOn

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Your Story

I'm curious if anyone would be interested in sharing their story in an inspirational way?

#story #Inspiration

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3 Of 3 Last Set Of Photos (for now)! #ArtTherapy #Depression #Anxiety #Inspiration

Here is the last set (for now). For all of you Harry Potter fans, here is Hogwarts Castle at Universal Orlando. It took me 4 visits to get the clouds in the sky the way I wanted them to look. I am very happy with the original on the left. I am amazed by the other two! The center is using an effect called Retro Pop and the bottom is an impressionist style effect. Let me know what you think? #ArtTherapy #Depression #Anxiety #Inspiration

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2 Of 3 Next Set Of Photos #ArtTherapy #Depression #Anxiety #Inspiration

Here is the next set of photos. This is Cinderella Castle also at Magic Kingdom. Going left to right, the original, watercolor effect, stained glass effect and cubism effect. Let me know what you think? #ArtTherapy #Depression #Anxiety #Inspiration

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1 Of 3 Found New Features Of My Photo Editing Software #ArtTherapy #Depression #Anxiety #Inspiration

I recently moved back to Phoenix, AZ from Orlando, FL. It was spontaneous and quick but also very stressful. I have only been back a little over a week and had trouble finding a place to stay. I am still looking for work. I needed an escape so I decided to review some of my photos. As I was reviewing and getting ideas for new photos I found a feature in my editing software that I didn't know I had. There are add-ons for artistic effects so I spent a few nights going through my portfolio and trying some. I got some amazing results!! I got into photography because I couldn't draw or paint. These features in the software allow me to give my photos painting like effects. This first set is of carousel horses at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The one on the left is the original and the one on the right I used a stained glass effect. Let me know what you think? #ArtTherapy #Depression #Anxiety #Inspiration

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Inspirational movie - Something the Lord made. #Depression #Anxiety #Hope #Relationships #FamilyAndFriends #Inspiration #MentalHealth

I watched a movie tonight about Vivien Thomas a lab technician who helped pioneer life saving heart surgery even though he had no formal training.

He overcome barriers of racial prejudice and professionals entrenched in their ways. He ended up teaching surgical procedures at John Hopkins hospital.

It’s a feel good movie and an inspirational movie. It’s amazing what people can achieve and overcome with encouragement and people that believe in them.

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