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    Finding A Voice In Sharing- The Importance of Speaking Up

    It can be said that abuse survivors often find their voice in speaking up. Some may speak up right away, others don't speak up for years after. For me, I didn't speak up until a few years ago. The abuse started when I was a child and carried on into adulthood. I am not sure why I didn't speak up sooner, I think maybe it's because I didn't know I was being abused. Now, after being out of the situation and working towards processing the trauma and my experiences I can say that speaking up has been one of the best things I could have done. It gave me a voice to my story and it gives me the motivation to keep healing. I am not saying that speaking up is for everyone, only that it has helped me. If you don't want to go to the authorities then tell a trusted friend or family member if you can. Telling anyone lifts the burden off your shoulders and you no longer have to carry the secret of the abuse with you. Guilt and shame are not yours to carry around. It took me a long time to reach a point where I can put the blame on my abusers. My hope is that I can be a voice for others and show them that they are in charge of their lives. You can live a happy and fulfilling life despite what was done to you. The trauma was not your responsibility but now you must take charge of your own healing. *Disclaimer: If you are in a physically unsafe situation then please seek help. No one deserves to be abused, ever.* Use your voice for your healing, even just writing it out can be liberating. I use writing all the time and it has helped tremendously. Whatever works for you, do it. Give a voice to your pain and allow yourself the grace to heal. There is no shame in speaking up. But only do so if you are safe. Stay thankful and blessed my friends:)

    #PTSD #EmotionalAbuse #SexualAbuse #Healing #thankful #Blessed #Inspiration #Voice #Hope


    The Power of Affirmations

    It's amazing what our brains can do. If we feed it something positive it can change our whole outlook. I recently typed up some affirmations revolving round trauma healing. But affirmations can be anything that motivates you and makes you feel good about yourself. They say it's important to recite them as much as possible. Repeating my affirmations affirms in me that the abuse wasn't my fault and that healing is possible. What do affirmations mean to you? Blessings friends:)

    #affirmations #positive #Trauma #Healing #PTSD #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #Inspiration #thankful


    Climbing Out Of Depression-Getting Better

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate them, they lifted my spirits. I am feeling much better. Like the depression is lifting. I just hope I don't go into a manic episode. I am thankful for having a wonderful support system like this and my family. Combined with your encouragement and lifestyle changes I overcame the darkest part of the depression. Thank you all again. Healing is possible and the PTSD didn't get triggered today:) I'm sharing this to let you know that you can come out of your darkest times. Keep shining:) Also much love to my fiancé.

    #BipolarDisorder #happy #thankful #Blessed #PTSD #Abuse #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Love #Inspiration


    Words Of Encouragement

    Depression is really getting to me. Could use some words of encouragement. I love inspiring others but I could use some inspiration right now. Please leave a message of encouragement and or inspiration. I want to see how many people will respond. Thank you all in advance.

    #BipolarDisorder #Depression #help #checkin #PTSD #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #Inspiration #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Blessed #thankful


    Pushing Forward-A New Outlook on My Experiences

    I enjoy self-reflection because it allows me the opportunity to really look at what I have been through. I wrote earlier about how outlook can change things. While I cannot say I am thankful for having been abused, I am thankful for the lessons it has taught me. It has taught me many things about people and about life. But it has also shown me that I am not the things they said I was. That I can use the experiences of the abuse to heal and thrive despite what they did. I am thankful for the lessons it has taught me because without it I may not be where I am today. I might not be in the loving relationship I am in now, be living where I am or be surrounded by a loving family if I had not spoken up about the abuse. Speaking up was scary but that too taught me things-that I am brave. If I had not spoken up I do not want to think about what my life might be like. I do know however that I can be thankful even in the midst of hardship. I am thankful for the life I have now and those in it. So while I did not appreciate the abuse, I appreciate what it taught me. You see? You can even be grateful for the lessons the hard things in life teaches you. Life can be a cruel teacher sometimes but a teacher nonetheless. I am pushing forward each day while reminding myself of this new revelation. And so can you. No matter what you have been through- there is a lesson to be grateful for.

    #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #abusesurvivor #Hope #Blessed #Inspiration #thankful #Life


    Feeling a bit rundown so the depression is getting a little harder to deal with. Even if I am getting sick, I refuse to give in. I think what else is making this slightly difficult is that the #BipolarDisorder is triggering the #PTSD . The negative thoughts and feelings of the abuse I experienced will come back and worsen the depression. It's like a cycle. As I said before, it's also about outlook. I am not discrediting professional help or lifestyle changes at all. I'm only saying that if you remain thankful, stick to your coping mechanisms and reach out for help that everything will be okay. Acceptance is also key. Acceptance is hard too but by accepting things that can't be changed you give yourself space to heal and grow. I accept that I survived years of horrific abuse and I also accept that the mental illnesses I have can trigger each other. But I remain thankful. Today I am thankful for all of you-for your support and advice. To let me know that I am not alone in my struggles. Thank you all.

    #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Lifestyle #PTSD #Abuse #abusesurvivor #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #thankful #Hope #Blessed #Inspiration


    Still Going-Even With Depression

    Not sure how long this episode is going to last but a combination of things have really helped. One of those things being a change in outlook. I no longer look at my depressed #BipolarDisorder episodes as hopeless like I used to. They are more manageable because I changed my outlook. I am not saying that it doesn't get to me some days, some days are harder than others. But I manage to remain thankful. Also lifestyle and diet changes help a lot. Lemon water is a natural mood booster and ever since I've been drinking it I've been happier. Not like mania happy but just happy in general. I highly suggest drinking lemon water if you want to get healthy or to experience its mental health benefits. Having coping strategies also helps. I use writing as my main outlet (as you can see) but for some people it may be something else. Especially with having #PTSD it's important to have a go to coping mechanism. But even when my #PTSD isn't acting up I use writing as a way to unwind. I'm not sure what I use for #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder but I suppose that because it has a lot to do with self-perception that I can start on that. So as you can see, all these factors help to get me through. Today I am thankful for the ability to share my journey with others. What has helped you to cope?

    #BipolarDisorder #Depression #PTSD #Abuse #abusesurvivor #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #thankful #Blessed #Hope #Inspiration #Striving #thriving #strength #Writing #coping #Lifestlye


    Fighting Depression-Still Thankful

    Just posting to let you all know that no matter what physical or mental illnesses you struggle with, you can overcome (or at least coexist) with them. I know this is easier said than done (I used to be in a place where I thought my depression was hopeless). So I totally get it. I used to let my trauma define and dictate who I am because I was focused on the negative. Now I've made a practice of being thankful and searching for the positives. I am by no means perfect myself. I still have days (sometimes weeks) where I feel down. But unlike before, I don't let it stop me from living my life. Professional help and lifestyle changes certainly do help but I think it can also be your outlook on life. Ever since I started reflecting on my experiences and looked for the positive, I have been more driven, focused, happy and all around feeling like I am living life. So while I'm still in this depressed episode, I will continue to fight. Because I deserve it. Same as you. Hope this inspires someone today:)

    #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #abusesurvivor #thankful #fighting #Depression #Blessed #Hope #Inspiration

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    Found accidentally but amazing and inspirational to think the next generation of young men and women can be so open emotionally so early in life.

    #MightyMusic #Inspiration #Music #musictherapy


    #MightyTogether #Inspiration #Selflove #Love #Theworldneedmorelove

    You sometimes had the feeling of giving out the best in you to the world with and incredible invention! Like on a treadmill or more.
    Marketer's and business owners, they surely know the feeling, every day they connect the disjointed, looking for a way to sell the traders target, who will fulfill his coveted dream.
    They turn reality into fairytale, marketing mystery, whether mysterious Alchemy is or not?
    If you create it with love and imagination so it certainly is.
    Also adds precious emotions in proportion such as salt or pepper, however a dose of self reflection must not be lacking.
    Believability, a goal that everyday is fourth for and even sometimes we don't place much interest in it because there is another day to make it better!
    I am guided by common sense, by rhetoric, for me, in simplicity beauty🦋 i occasionally add a little of provocation, creative decoration, story gradation and i will never forget the thought,💭
    Not everything always works out at the request of the addressee, he will address himself! smile.
    As long as i try to please everyone close to me,
    We tend to pick out wrong phrases quickly and overtime we forget about it!
    Originally the flaws and hurt are there but it cool to take it in with Love!
    Despite the pressure, i love my life and job because i find happiness seeing people happy!