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    Happy potluck day #Friends #Cooking #Sharing #Seasons

    Thank you Michell and Rhonda for being such great hosts. I really enjoy sharing and seeing what others cook.

    So it’s spring for me and I’m posting a really yummy cold dessert.

    Pavlova. It’s a bit of a traditional dessert eaten here in warmer weather. Here’s the recipe.

    3 egg whites, 3 tablespoons cold water, 1 cup caster sugar, 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, 3 teaspoons cornflour.
    Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius. Beat egg whites until stiff, add water and beat again. Add sugar very gradually while still beating. Slow beater and add vinegar, vanilla and cornflour. Line an oven tray with baking paper. Spoon mixture onto baking paper about the size of a medium plate. Bake for 45 minutes then leave to cool in the oven. When cooled, transfer to a plate, cover with whipped cream and fruit. Cut, refrigerate and enjoy. It resembles a meringue crust with marshmallow inside. And it’s so delicious.

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    Rice balls #Friends #Sharing dishes

    Who likes rice dishes, sushi or rice balls??
    I love sushi, but just get into such a mess making it!
    So I go for rice balls which can also be messy but worth it

    2 cups sushi rice
    1/3 cup rice white vinegar
    1 Tablespoon caster sugar
    1 Teaspoon salt
    Chicken breasts
    1/4 cup teriyaki sauce
    Thinly cut carrot
    Cut avocado
    Soy sauce to serve.

    Place rice in sieve and run cold water over.
    Then put the rice in a pot, add two cups water and boil until water is evaporated.
    Remove and stand 2 mins
    Fold in vinegar, sugar and salt and mix.
    Cook cut chicken with teriyaki sauce.
    Then with wet hands, place rice, chicken, avocado and carrot in your hand. Cover with more rice. Hold together until you have a ball.
    Refrigerate then add soy sauce. Enjoy.


    Sharing my day #Chatspace #Sharing is caring #Caregiving #chronic #ASD #cowdens #longterm chemo #Vertigo

    I woke up this morning feeling like hell my head hurt my body ached I was dizzy and nauseous. My sons program canceled, so I took him to the supermarket with me where I chased him around as he took about 100$ worth of merchandise off the shelves and threw them in my trolley. I came home cooked and baked and watched him. Then hubby came home. Then my older kids came home and guess what I was able to nap for twenty minutes. Not ready to run a marathon but not at proverbial deaths door

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    Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life #Inspiration #Sharing #hopingtohelp

    The picture on my post was something that I put together about 3 years ago. I was extremely unhappy with everything in my life. It seemed that everything I was doing was pointless and nothing was worthwhile. Then I put my feelings down on paper and posted it on social media (to this day I have no idea why or what I was expecting). The post was shared on pages and I woke up to 100’s of messages from strangers simply saying “thank you”. I was flabbergasted! I had made a positive impact on someone else’s life by doing nothing but sharing my thoughts. It gave me a boost too, and I was able to slowly get my head together. Remember, you’re not alone and a problem shared, is a problem halved 👌 #sharedproblems #yourenotalone #wevegotthis #Youvefallenbutyoucanriseagain #youvegotthis


    #Sharing a hug without fear

    I'm looking forward to when I don't have to be anxious or paranoid in a grocery store/gas station line. I look forward to squashing hidden hurt with a kind word, hug or handshake. I'm a firm believer in Human Touch. God IS a healer and The Savior no doubt(my belief), but I also believe He has given us all the gift of compassion, empathy and a smile🥰 VIRTUAL HUGS AND SMILES TO ALL YOU! MAY YOUR HEARTS LIGHTEN FROM BURDENS💝💝💝


    What’s the most hurtful comment someone said to you when they found out about your disability? #MentalHealth #Autism #Disability

    Want to hear other story but to be clear everyone is beautiful with disability’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    “Your to beautiful to be autistic” and I heard some one on the bus at college talking about this lad and said he broken cause he got autism. I looked at him and said “I am autistic too”. That shut him right up!
    “You don’t look autistic” .. what are you supposed to look like
    “I could tell your autistic” That always get me like is it that noticeable sometimes?
    #MentalHealth #Autism #Sharing

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    My favorite place in the world #Depression #Sharing #calm

    This is an oId picture but I just felt like sharing my favorite place with you. I was there last weekend but couldn't take a better picture than this one. This place makes me calm. In here, I recharge my bateries and feel invicible 🌞😎💪🏻


    I Think I've Realized Something...

    I think that I've realized why I never can actually share what I'm feeling out loud. Why I have to say it in writing, which is always easiest.

    People try to understand what I'm feeling and try to defend a situation. All I really want them to do is listen and accept.

    Accept that I'm feeling a way that they may not feel about something. Accept that maybe I'm feeling hurt over something they did but they don't see that way. Accept that I'm a human being who experiences emotions/feelings to things different than what they do. Just accept me.

    I apologize for all the recent posts but I've just been sinking low lately due to some problems with family; this has been my safe space to share from day one. Thank you for even taking the time to read this and every other thing I've shared. I appreciate it.

    #Sharing #Writing #Depression

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    Good Morning #Chatspace #CheckInWithMe

    Hello and Good Morning

    How are you Mighty Family

    Its Sunday yayyy.

    Challenges are what make life interesting and
    Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful........

    I thought that quote was very interesting and powerful.

    What do you think.

    As always ChatSpace is here for you.
    I made this group for my fellow Mightys. A space for us to vent rant offload in.
    A place to feel safe in .
    So this post is for you .

    Post your comments.

    If you have something that you need to let go off. That you'd like to share.
    Remember to cheer each other on in your replies.
    Life each other up as only us Mightys can do.

    Love n light Tj 🤗❤😊🌈🌞🌤💪🗯
    #Chatties #Vent #rant #Talking #Bekind #nojudgement #talkingtherapy #Kindness #Love #Family #Friends #Sharing #NeverAlone #MightyTogether