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Getting bigger

So this last time has been a bit hmm "revealing" in terms of why im like this ( in general) is like im opening my eyes and seeing for the first time ao many thing...Im on my early 40's, Now I get were all this sense of not belonging to places,or not feeling good enough for situations or people comes from....is this common? Like does this happened to most of us?? You know I have alway wonder were the "normal" people get all that energy? All that will power?? All that concentration to do thing ,and they can picture themselves on a long time journey.....I don't have that...any one else??? #different #40 's #willpower #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD


Stopping to take time for myself #Selfcare #Independence #ME

This week I will make time for myself by going to the gym before going to work. Make an appointment for the body wrap I want and some how squeeze in a hair and nail appointment.

I know that seems like a lot of “me time” but my “me time” is limited with being (40), a single mom of 3; working full time and taking care of my mother too. Right now that “me time” might be an hour here or an hour there, but it is still “me time” and if I don’t get all those things done I want to this week they will carry over to next week.
#40 _Is_Good

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