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Mental Exhaustion 💚

My first post in a long time.. It’s currently 12:45am (09/02/24) in the UK and I should be sleeping ready for work tomorrow. I’m exhausted, physically and mentally. Life is draining the crap out of me at the moment. I take on more in work to keep my mind busy but that in itself it’s tiring. I look forward to the weekends but why? I don’t do much. Why? Because I prefer the security of my home. Life just feels too much. I’m trying to better myself. I’m trying to be ‘well’ and I’m TRYING to grow! It’s not working though and I’m tired. So. Damn. Tired. Tired of smiling when inside I’m screaming. Tired of pretending. Tired of.. Just being tired. What can I do to change it? Not a lot, I doubt. At least it’s Friday.. Last day of the week to pretend I’m ok. My game face can be packed away for the weekend. I can just be unapologetically me. In my own space. Away from judgement, away from.. Everything. I hope you’re all doing well. Let’s keep fighting 💚 #MentalHealth #MoodDisorders #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder #DepressiveDisorders #willpower #CheckInWithMe

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Getting bigger

So this last time has been a bit hmm "revealing" in terms of why im like this ( in general) is like im opening my eyes and seeing for the first time ao many thing...Im on my early 40's, Now I get were all this sense of not belonging to places,or not feeling good enough for situations or people comes from....is this common? Like does this happened to most of us?? You know I have alway wonder were the "normal" people get all that energy? All that will power?? All that concentration to do thing ,and they can picture themselves on a long time journey.....I don't have that...any one else??? #different #40 's #willpower #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD

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#Determination #Positivity #willpower #Joy #happy #Music

😂😂😂😂(gosh, here the memories again) - (gotta laugh at myself )....however,seriously, I'm determined to overcome any negativity that comes against me today -trying to steal my joy. I'm standing my ground & i won't be moved. Yesterday DID suck. But TODAY is pretty great & I again pull myself out of the yesterday's mess & press into the present moment. .....TODAY I'm extremely blessed. I'm happy😀 & It's gonna be a happy day. I can feel,it!!! 😉


Action leads to motivation

The first week after I had finished my last year at high school I started working out again and after every session I felt awesome. A feeling I hadn’t felt for months due to all the work I had to get done if I wanted to do the degree I’d been dreaming with. Everything was going well ‘till I got sick in my head and my stomach for a week and of course I took it slowly and didn’t go the gym ‘cause I didn’t want to force my body if I wasn’t feeling okay.
The thing is, after that week I started feeling well but my motivation fell down to the bottom and now almost 3 weeks have past and I have done pretty much nothing I thought of doing.
The thing is I cannot wait ‘till motivation comes back to me. Tomorrow I’m getting ready early in the morning and go straight back to the gym, not because of my body but because working out is the most beneficial thing I’ve found over the years. And that is the most important thing. Because yeah, sometimes I find myself thinking how my body looks, but I also think ‘bout the rest and most amazing benefits exercise bring to me.
It just makes me feel strong and powerful again.
It’s just that sometimes I’m not able to find the strength to get ready and just do it.
#EatingDisorders #Workout #willpower