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Lupus life struggles, I need some advice please!

I was finally diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis last year after many hurdles and struggles so I am FINALLY on the medications I need to help my kidneys improve, including prednisone but now I'm dealing with some side effects from prednisone that I find difficult to manage. if anyone has any suggestions at all for the problems below, I'd really appreciate any help at all!!!

I love to do my make up and hair but my skin has become very greasy and sensitive so I struggle to use foundation of any kind and it never lasts!

My hair is very hard to manage due to being extremely greasy no matter how much I wash it or the products I use. I'm also missing all the hair on the top of my head.

I usually like to dress nice when I have the energy, but I have severe weight fluctuations and swelling, I don't always have the resources to go buy new clothes with every change. #Lupus #LupusNephritis #ChronicIllness #lupuslife #prednisonesideeffects #medicationsideeffects #chronicillnesslife #weightgain #physicalchange #adviseplease #adviseme #Advice

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• Regarding toddler's behavior lately • -#adviseplease #toddlerswithautism #autismmoma #firsttimeautismmoma #losethetudedude

My son is 4. He turned 4 in July; He's had his official diagnosis last summer. (We had always knew. So, I'm glad. Because now, next steps are getting him into his therapies, etc and any help he needs!) He has not started anything yet; he will be very soon.
I'm actually a mother of four, him being second to baby/(last). Thohgh, he is the first and only child of mine with autism. So, I haven't been wanting to say it, but lately, I've been at lose when it comes to some thjng! Exls ; his fits ( I can tell the difference a meltdown and him being a toddler. We do pretty good with meltdowns at this point. Yay). He's nonverbal.
He's always been, and is still a lot of the times a quiet kid; moma's boy. He stays connected at my hip when we go places, a sweety. - Though, here lately; just in the last couple to few months (?. For one, (and it makes for a almost separate reason I worry/have concerns), it seems as if he's more frustrated than happy just in general! ;, also/some examples include; he's been throwing stuff. Usually when he's mad, when he's told no or something. And also throwing stuff at his little sister (age 3)# even me if I'm by her. He hasn't hit her yet but if so it would definitely hurt someone! ; Hasn't been listening for me/acts up for me when my fiane gets home from work, he' ll shape up a bit; not even do some of the things he was doing, (etc./stuff like that.); Also when told no (or.. gets in trouble, or what have you, he stops and does his very loud,, very high pitch scream. - I'm sure there mYbd more certain th in gs/behaviors . Hopefully I've explained enough to get an idea. - I just get to where I come to a delima when parenting him , especially 'vs' parenting my other children. [Exps; I try to have them treated, Definitely disciplined , all the same. But! at the same time there's some times/circumstances where I can't punish him the Same way as 'xy' . ; And the big one! , whereve so many things that he does (bad behavior, etc) I think about how he physically cannot speak; can't explain himself etc. And to be honest, I'd be pretty crabby if that was me! -- Again, just wanted to briefly explain a bit of what's going on. As mentioned, he'll be going to therapies and stuff in soon. So, I've been glad that there's
'Help' and hope and goals in the near future. Butalsl been worried that he's going to throw somethings another kid, etc.! -- any coments,, suggestions, stories, whatever is welcome - Tia ❁○ ☆_(❀╹◡╹)_❀ 🧸

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