All life has came into being
When did our hobbies turned into ones
And life lost it's meaning?

Pick up your book and read
Scared to face the realities
We create a new one instead
Hoping we can run
From the world and ourselves

Blast the music so loud
Left with aching ears and head
Trying to escape all the Voices
That speak aloud
Every time you lay in your bed

You'd rather stay alone
In your room
Turn on the same show
And click resume
Than to go out
Only to feel
There's no place
For you to be

We wake up everyday and seek
But are Distractions
the way to live
Are we even alive?
Or just trying to breathe
Hoping one day these distractions
Will be our peace

#Distractions #Loneliness #BipolarDepression #Poetry #alityDisorder #MightyPoets #outcast