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    3 "I Need You Alive Things"

    Three Things that say "I need You Alive"

    1.Family member. Whoever you have cherish them. If you can hug them. Call or text. Reach out. Thank them for being in your corner. Thank yous are so powerful.

    2.Pet. I have a dog. The love of my life and adds some needed structure to my day. Also someone to talk to. You can have a cat, gerbil, ferret, even a fish. The key is something you need to take care of.

    3.A plant. This is my favorite because it is the easiest and you can see the results. Look into getting a plant that is suited for where you live.

    *** Some suggest three: one for sight, smell, and one you can eat.

    Hope this helps!

    Stay strong. You are worth. You are not alone! #selfcare #MentalHealth #Men #Distractions

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    Books to distract when you feel raw.

    I usually like fantasy, mystery, or romance titles but when I had a really bad episode and could barely get out of bed I needed something that would distract but not set me off, my sister gave me the book At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon. It’s a sweet simple series about a small town pastor. I’m not religious and this book is not preachy it’s just a comforting distraction with everyday people and problems without triggering content.
    The audible is great as well. #Books #Distractions


    What comes in your mind first when you think of plants? #Plants #Motivation #Distractions

    For me plants mean a lot. Whenever I can, I go out in nature. Whenever I can't, I'm happy to be surrounded by the ones I got at home. They make me feel home, they are often the reason why I get up. They put a smile on my face even on bad days, when there is a new sprout to discover or a new leaf or a even a flower. My favourites are propagation and seeds. To just watch them growing. Plant projects always motivate me.

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    Whats your favorite topping if you could only pick 3 of them

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    To be understood

    Im grateful for this community of support and encouragement. #TheMighty #Adhdadventures #Shelter #ADHD #Distractions #lazyday


    I need more books!

    Okay friends, I often use reading as a distraction from my chronic pain and migraines. As I’m sure a lot of you guys do. I’m out of my to be read stack so I thought you guys might have some recommendations! I love mysteries, crime novels, and magic (elves, gnomes, wizards, etc.)
    A couple of things I’ve read are
    The Infernal Devices series by Cassondra Clare
    The Lily Bard Mysteries by Charlaine Harris
    The ABC series by Sue Grafton

    Thanks in advance! ❤️
    #ChronicPain #ChronicMigraines #Distractions #DistractMe #Books

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    Crafting to the rescue #Distractions #Crafting #PainManagement #chronicillness

    Recently I showed you some of my handmade cards and today I’m showing some of my handmade jewelry pieces but I keep on learning how to adapt and creating As my motor function and I love to continue to worsen but these are some of the bracelet that I made in the past few days for breast cancer awareness and for our zebra pride bracelets and then I learned of a way of putting a pin backing to the myintent tokens! Pretty cool because they will stamp my apparent superpower which I don’t know if that was ability to inspire but apparently I’ve been told is more of my positive energy so I stamped positive energy on it with some happy faces.


    Grateful for the little things... to be angry about

    This may sound weird, but I’m grateful for something that made me angry today. I had a really rough day. From feminine issues, to forgetting my cute/comfy mask and having to wear a dumb disposable one, to not getting to eat my lunch because I offered to cover my coworker’s shift - I was a mess. During moments of peace when I could take a drink of water and breathe, I felt bad for my husband. He always has to hear my crap. All my anxiety and anger gets dumped on him almost daily, because keeping it all in hurts too much.

    But then, something truly “horrible” happened: I saw the cover on Facebook for a book I have been looking forward to since I finished the preceding books in the series over a year ago, and this cover is HIDEOUS compared to the others. I was horrified, still am horrified, that they would do this to one of my favorite book series, and I am super upset because now I don’t want to actually buy the book, because it does not match the rest of the series - that I already own - even remotely. I could not possibly put that book on my beautiful shelves, and most certainly not next to the gorgeous books it’s supposed to belong too.

    So I got home from work, and my husband got to listen to his book nerd wife ranting about ugly covers. Not his anxiety ridden wife who hasn’t eaten all day, who had to deal with a crappy mask and womanly troubles all day, who has overall just had a really bad day and even worse month. No, he got a ridiculous fan girl who like pretty shelves and matching books.

    So I am grateful to the author and publisher who decided today would be the day they pissed off all the fans with this cover reveal (because the large majority of fans for this book also hate the new cover), because it soared my poor husband from the mess that I usually am.

    Thank the heavens for ugly books to distract from the bad days, allowing us to calm down and worry about something else for a minute before we can turn back and face our problems with a clear head.

    #Anxiety #Baddays #grateful #Distractions

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