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All life has came into being
When did our hobbies turned into ones
And life lost it's meaning?

Pick up your book and read
Scared to face the realities
We create a new one instead
Hoping we can run
From the world and ourselves

Blast the music so loud
Left with aching ears and head
Trying to escape all the Voices
That speak aloud
Every time you lay in your bed

You'd rather stay alone
In your room
Turn on the same show
And click resume
Than to go out
Only to feel
There's no place
For you to be

We wake up everyday and seek
But are Distractions
the way to live
Are we even alive?
Or just trying to breathe
Hoping one day these distractions
Will be our peace

#Distractions #Loneliness #BipolarDepression #Poetry #alityDisorder #MightyPoets #outcast

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I’m scared

I’m used to being scared for myself. Now I’m scared on a larger scale. I have a lot to unpack in terms of what my “issues” are and because of that, I give up. Not because it’s not worth it for me but because being hurt while being vulnerable is life threatening for me. I don’t know how to stop myself from coming back from the brink while also being so alone. I want to do well and I want to feel better. So I’m still here and it’s really hard but I’m doing it. I’m living still and it’s so hard but I’m doing it. #LivingWithYourself #SuicidalThoughts #Anxiety #Depression #Poor #outcast #COVID19


Does anyone here live alone like a hermit no kids, single, no friends etc?

Not by choice but more so circumstances. I know some of you have kids and that. I meant like someone who is completely single, no kids, or social life. I know a guy like that and a girl too but we don't really click which is a bit redundant. I find myself wanting to make connections but always missing the mark. I feel ashamed talking about it at assessments and at the doctors. I only see the odd hairdresser friend when I need to do my hair or something and obviously come on here or go on social media . Other than that don't contact my family either due to our fallout over my mental health. Somedays I feel that I could get used to it but other days it's hard I wish I had at least a love relationship but it's hard just leaving the house. I'm embarrassed about my situation and I feel if I met someone they wouldn't want me because I have nothing going on. I've had lots of rejections. Anyone else have this lifestyle? Do you get used to it? CAN YOU get used to it and the boredom and sadness? Does it get better? Can YOU BE HAPPY this way? I'm 30 now and wondering if it ever gets better 😂 🤔
#lonelytogether #outcast #Lifestyle #Depression #Pushingmyself #empath #creatingjoy #Selfcompassion #startingfromscratch #Spirituality


Why do a parent loves to push you away? #Depression #Anxiety #outcast

I never got along with my mother. She always was ready to pick a fight with me. When I was going through a divorce she had called me a bad mother. As well if accusing me of bringing random men over and stealing her bras... so I get a random text today asking where lawn chairs where. I said I do not know. I do not have any need or time to get them. I have a ton of other shit on my plate atm. She also too hates it that I’m on Depression meds for migraines and depression. But I need them. Smh


Being Invisible

When I am invisible, that is okay. I have learned that we are all in a sea full of drops and sometimes we will be unseen for a while in the dark depths of the sea, while other times we show up in a wave. In the end we are all seen, we all shine as the waves in a beautiful and vast ocean.

#Depression #lonely #Anxiety #outcast

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Outcast #outcast

Ever felt like you just don’t belong? Like no one understands your pain, your loses? How sometimes nothing soothes the anguish you feel deep within your soul...ever felt like an outcast....

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Not sure where to go... #CheckInWithMe #confused #Support

I believe I need to be taken, taken somewhere where my worries and struggles do not burden people I love. I believe I need to be cast away from society, for have no value to contribute or knowledge to give. I believe my current existence places such a burden on people I love and care too much about, to a fault, do not need a burden like me in their lives.

I am the one that threw away everything. I am the one that thought, for once, if I didn’t wake up, nobody would come knocking or know. The one individual that cared and gave a shit, is the one I’ve ruined things for.

Please, Lord, take me away. Give me the strength to fight because I no longer want to or have the will to. I don’t want to exist like this, I don’t want to push on. I don’t know what I’m doing or what my purpose is and every holiday, celebration, gathering weighs down upon me heavily. It’s a reminder I’m alone. It’s a reminder I don’t belong. It’s a reminder I am outcasted because I have mental illness.

Let sleep overtake me. Let me lift my heart to you. Let me fall asleep in the arms of the one I love and know that maybe, just maybe, it gets better. I know I can’t keep putting on a smile and brace face for that facade is slowly caving in.

“I think I hit the potion life where,
I’m just done.

I cried,
I fought,
I tried,

But everything coz crashing down.

My demons are screaming louder,
Trying to eat away the great of me.

And this time,
I’m not going to fight back”

#outcast #Iloveyou #foreverandalways #MentalIllness #stigmafighter #CheckInWithMe #textmecallme #please #lostandwandering #abitconfused #imsimplydone #prayersplease #lonely #exhausted #Depression #Recovery #Suicide