I drew this the other day when a weird combination of depression, nostalgia and melancholy hit me. I’m one of four girls, and as you can see from the painting, we lost my identical twin sister in 2006. Losing someone you love bites deep down where scars are permanent, and the feeling never goes away; it just becomes your new normal. Part of my PTSD comes from finding my twin after she’d passed; I was the last one to talk to her, and I was the first one to find her. Although she’s not physically here with us anymore, she’s still very much a part of our family. Our two other sisters have been my anchors - they’re my best friends. And I will always be a twin, a sister, and a friend. Loss doesn’t take that away; you just learn to live a bit differently. #Loss #Depression #Family #twins #sisters #Hope #anewnormal #Sadness #Grief #Life #PTSD