Have you had problems with sex?
I'm 19 years old girl and I've a lot of problems with sex. I don't like sex...but at the same time I've the urge to do it and discover my body. I've never masturbated in my all life...yeah I know, this seems pretty strange, but it's the thruth. This summer I tried but I finished cut myself with a lot of feelings of shame and disgust. I'm anorgasmic too: I don't know what an orgasm is...people says that is a very incredible things. All my sexual relationship were horrible...and I didn't feel very much...then I discover that's dissociation. Sometimes I feel that the person who has sex with me is abusing me, although I give him the consent. Then I discover that my abusive ex raped me...but I've yet had problems with sex, like dissociation and bad feelings during sex. My therapist thinks that probably I suffered other type of abuse before the rape of my ex. I think that a part of myself is missing...I hope one day I'll have a great sexual life. Someone like me? :D
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