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Zoloft and sexual side effects?

I just recently started Zoloft. 50 mgs to start. I'm really hopeful as it's supposed to treat several of my illnesses, not just depression. I've been on so many meds and have experienced so many side effects that most don't even bother me. Nausea? Zofran. A little weight gain? Psssh... Show me to the buffet! Headaches? Bring it!! I've dealt with chronic migraines for 30+ years! I can handle a little headache! Sexual side effects? WHOA. HOLD THE PHONES. STOP RIGHT THERE! I'm in a very healthy, happy, wonderful monogamous relationship. And one thing I LOVE is ... Y'know ... enjoying his company. So... Past and current Zolofters? What've been your experiences with Zoloft and sexual side effects? Cuz uhh... Yeah. I kinda like it and kinda don't want to lose it? Thanks! #Zoloft #SideEffects #SexualDysfunctions

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Another hardship added to the path threw hell

Ok here it is. I have been homeless living in my car, one day this month I was caught in a compromising position. This was due to the mental illness of Hypersexuality, and was recorded doing it even though I made what I believe was a sufficient attempt to cover. Now I have been labeled a pervert by everyone who has seen the video. With the harassment, bullying, and threats as well as my family has stopped talking to me from the embarrassment. It has become very hard I was thinking of just ending the problem, so I called the police to ask what they knew about the incident because I had not been charged for a sex crime. The dispatcher told me that they knew nothing about the issue, but she could since the disparity in my voice and dispatched officers to my location to get me to behavioral Health. I confessed the whole ordeal, the officer explained that I had broke no law, that I have the right to do whatever I wanted in my car as long as I made an effort to cover and is not any real crime He also said that the person who recorded me was the guilty party by invasion of privacy and slander, they had no business even looking in my car. I have not seen the video but it could also include: entering my vehicle/home without my knowledge or consent, recording without my knowledge or consent(spy camming) cyber bullying with the entente to shame, humiliat, embarrass, harass that could lead to personal harm. But I spent the night in Behavioral health anyway to stress about the safety of my Car, everything in I own being taken , being held for up to 7 days , to be put on the street sleeping on the sidewalk. Now I wish I could find the way this person is spreading the word so I can defend myself and let them know that they are the real perv and tell them of the charges I could file against them plus the lawsuit I can most likely win. But I’m still seen as the perv and it’s still destroying everything I have left of my sanity. I have also been notified by my attorney handling my SSDI case that it could take up to 2 years to get my hearing and another 6 months if I am granted it another 5 months before I get any money, time I don’t have. Just more hardships I have to endure on my path threw hell. #Depression #hardships #Anxity #MentalHealth #SuicidalThoughts #dispair #SexualDysfunctions #adolescent sexual molestation trauma

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I am a dumb ass

Guess who forgot to take their meds this morning dumb ass me. Not like me to forget to take my meds. Paying for it now massive headache and severe nerve pain in my feet.

Better late than never to take them now.

Have a blinder of a day 🌈
#PTSD #MajorDepression #Anxiety #Selfharm #SuicideIdeation #childsexualabus #ChronicPain #SexualDysfunctions


Thank you for all the advice

Thank you for all the advice you have given me. I will take it all on board.

I don’t know about a sex therapist as where I reside we don’t have many services here let alone a sex therapist if I were to see one I would have to travel about 400 km to see one.

Just going to take it slowly the first step is to learn how to love myself and my body that will be a touchy as I am ashamed of the scars I carry on my body especially my breasts.

We have a date night tomorrow night and then he has suggested a massage I know he is good a massages cause he massages my feet when they are sore and painful with the neuropathy.

Time to get up and get some things done😀

#SexualDysfunctions #CPTSD #major depressive disorder with psychotic features #Anxiety #ChildSexualAbuse #Trauma #Selfharm #SuicideIdeation #ChronicPain



This is a bit embarrassing for me. I’m 51 and have never enjoyed having sex .

Through the abuse I suffered as a child and then I n my late teens I started letting my drug suppliers use and abuse my body so I could get drugs.

The few relationships that I have had since then the sex has been horrible . My response to it was just get it over with.

The last guy I was with it took me two years into the relationship to have sex

I have never had an orgasm in my life. So embarrassing.

I’ve gone out on a limb and have meet a new guy a few weeks ago . I want to be able to enjoy the pleasure that comes with sex. We have talked about it he was very understanding and said that there is no pressure.

I don’t know how to do that though. Any advice I want to start enjoying life in stead being bogged down with struggles.
#SexualDysfunctions #CPTSD #Depression #Insomnia #Selfharm #Suicide #ChildSexualAbuse #ChronicPain


Anyone on SSRI’s — more specifically Zoloft— dealt with sexual dysfunction? If so, what did/have you done, if anything? Has it gotten better since?

I’ve been on Zoloft for almost 11 years now, alongside a plethora of other medications. For the past 6 months I’ve been experiencing sexual dysfunction and my doctor has now placed me on a new SSRI. I’m wondering if a new SSRI will help or if I should expect none of them to work regarding this issue, mainly just because of the classification. #Depression #SexualDysfunctions #Anxiety


Any antidepressants better or worse than others? #SexualDysfunctions #Not enjoying sex #substance /MedicationInducedSexualDysfunction #DisabilityAndSexuality

I have a hard time with sex. It’s very complicated. It’s a love/hate relationship. I struggle with it for various reasons. Past sexual abuse/assault, very poor body image, being very embarrassed and ashamed of my body, as well as mental blocks from very strict religious upbringing and teachings that painted sex in a very shameful, taboo light.
I’m in a relationship with someone who has a very high sex drive. I had to up my antidepressant meds because I was thinking about suicide a lot and didn’t see the point in living. The increase in dosage helped with that. But unfortunately, what little sex drive I had, was greatly reduced so much so it’s barely there. This is causing a lot of issues in my relationship with my SO.
Any advice? Thanks.


Let's talk about sex #SexualDysfunctions

Have you had problems with sex?
I'm 19 years old girl and I've a lot of problems with sex. I don't like sex...but at the same time I've the urge to do it and discover my body. I've never masturbated in my all life...yeah I know, this seems pretty strange, but it's the thruth. This summer I tried but I finished cut myself with a lot of feelings of shame and disgust. I'm anorgasmic too: I don't know what an orgasm is...people says that is a very incredible things. All my sexual relationship were horrible...and I didn't feel very much...then I discover that's dissociation. Sometimes I feel that the person who has sex with me is abusing me, although I give him the consent. Then I discover that my abusive ex raped me...but I've yet had problems with sex, like dissociation and bad feelings during sex. My therapist thinks that probably I suffered other type of abuse before the rape of my ex. I think that a part of myself is missing...I hope one day I'll have a great sexual life. Someone like me? :D
#anorgasmia #Not enjoying sex #SexAndRelationships #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Selfharm #SexualViolenceSurvivors #AbusiveRelationship


sexual climax and anti-depressant medication. #Sex #SexAndRelationships #SexualDysfunctions

After starting dating again after nearly a year, I have noticed something while we are currently in our "honeymoon period" I seem to struggle to climax!

Now I'm sure loads of you are thinking "wow that girl's lucky" and the like but I do orgasm but it seems to take a really long time.

Now it's not performance relayed. the attraction is there as is the passion and my partner can orgasm back to back.

I will struggle to climax more than once at the best of time, she tells me it doesn't bother her but I think she's starting to take it personally no matter how many times I try to reassure her otherwise.

Now the only thing I can think of is that in the last six months my doctor increased my citalipram to 40MG.

A bit of research online shows that it can effect the sexual satisfaction in women .

Is this the case for us guys too?

I'm on the verge of a doctor's appointment but would sooner test the water here first.

Thanks for any help.